Living in a world of worry – our new website for the Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll

Known more for our branding across print and the built environment, we were excited to launch this new digital project to the national media yesterday. We have designed and built a complex, interactive website which is a key focal point at the core of the launch of the The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll. The World Risk Poll, conducted by Gallup as part of its World Poll, is the first global study of worry and risk across the world.

The research provides the first ever worldwide view of the risks people face, based on interviews with over 150,000 people in 142 countries, including places where little or no official data exists yet where reported risks are often high.

Understanding how people think about risk will allow businesses, NGOs, regulators, researchers and policy makers to take action to save lives and make people feel safer.

The poll is being conducted four times over eight years, during which time tothepoint will be working with Lloyd’s Register Foundation to incorporate each new wave of data.

Last year tothepoint worked with Lloyd’s Register Foundation on their summit and launched their strategy which introduced the branding we developed for their challenge campaign. This work showed how Lloyd’s Register Foundation are focusing on the core issues we face globally – research and insight are key to its new strategy. This year we have been working with them and Gallup on branding this new initiative: The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll and creating its website.

James Dower, head of digital at tothepoint said

This has been a ground-breaking and collaborative project for us at tothepoint, from animated icon creation for the World Risk Poll’s 10 themes of risk; video editing work from Gallup filming of interviews across many of the countries; a social media campaign and infographics for the launch, to the design and build of a cutting edge, bespokely themed CMS website that will be delivering information to a diverse audience over the next six years. It has been really exciting to be part of something that will help to make the world a safer place.

The project has been ongoing for the last three months and has been full-on for the team at tothepoint, working from home and collaborating over Zoom and Google meet.

The World Risk Poll website features a mega menu to aid navigation and the animated icons form an integral part of the design and user journey through the site, helping the audience to ‘explore the poll’. The icons and animations were created by designer Adam Welton who worked closely with Creative Director, Kevin Cox on the Challenge Campaign last year. The icons play a nod to these challenge icons and use the triangle of the ‘Understanding Risk’ challenge as the starting point for this new set of animated icons.

The site works at different levels to appeal to the wide audience – from the general public and politicians to other research groups and data analysts. It needed to be easy to use and explain clearly what the main insights are. This is provided through simple icon-based infographics and stylised maps showing top level data insight.

For those that want to deep dive into the data we have worked closely with the team at Lloyd’s Register Foundation to link some of our infographics to Tableau where the data can be explored in more detail. Tableau is an interactive system that uses data visualisation software to bring data to life in more interesting but detailed formats. Getting the two sites to work together was a challenge but we created frames that allow the visitor to interact and explore the Tableau infographics without leaving the World Risk Poll site.

David Reid, Director of Strategic Communications and Global Engagement at The Lloyd’s Register foundation said;

A massive thank you to you and the TTP team for all the hard work you put into the World Risk Poll website. All the efforts from the combined teams certainly paid off and the final result is a beautifully designed and incredibly rich and interesting website which helps us reach our target audiences, engage with organisations who will work with us to deliver interventions to make the world safer, and communicate with the public to improve the world’s risk literacy.

As part of the build and testing of the site, we have worked closely with our accessibility partners, Hassell Inclusion, and were introduced to Sense about Science (SaS), who are working with Lloyd’s Register Foundation to ensure its messaging and content are clear for the general public. SaS are an independent campaigning charity that challenges the misrepresentation of science and evidence in public life. You can find out more about them on the Sense about science website.

Visit the World Risk Poll website to view the stories told by participants of the poll

Simon Hutton, MD and founder of tothepoint, said:

“I’m so proud of our design team who have been exceptional at adapting and working collaboratively during these strange times, on what has been a very complex and challenging project. We are working with a lot of clients in the science and healthcare sectors now and it is great to work on projects that can make a real difference to people’s lives.The World Risk Poll is one such project that we’ve helped on its way.”

The digital side of the delivery has been led by tothepoint head of digital, James Dower, who has helped bring this data to life in a highly creative, user-friendly site. It still retains the look and feel of the corporate brand but has taken a leap forward in using creativity to engage a wide and diverse audience.

Please feel free to contact us to ask James and the team for any more detailed information on the website.

Sarah Cumbers, Director of Evidence and Insight at Lloyd’s Register Foundation concluded:

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the website and it’s done exactly what we wanted in helping to bring the data alive. Thank you and well done!”

We look forward to evolving our work on the World Risk Poll over the coming months and years.



To download the full World Risk Poll report, or to see all the data on the data and resources page.

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