Lloyd’s Register Foundation – 10 year anniversary celebration branding

To celebrate 10 years of impact, Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF) recently asked us to create a mark that not only celebrates this achievement but also works in tandem with the new LRF brand identity. We created a mark that was spawned from the new LRF brand as the animation below demonstrates.

It also promotes the ten themes of ‘impact’ that LRF can demonstrate, each of which is reflected in the ten spokes of the brand mark and which have their own attributed image and colour palette shown below.

The 10 ‘impact’ themes and colour palette

A flexible mark

It was important that the mark had the capability of having a high impact, as the image-rich version demonstrates, but also having the flexibility to be used as a mark of endorsement, as the 2 colour version demonstrates.

Promoting specific ‘impact’ themes

Alternatively, the mark, imagery and messaging can all be combined to promote specific impact themes. Once again colour coding and specific imagery related to individual ‘impact’ themes help communicate this.