Look out for the 2019 financial Outlook

In the run-up to Christmas we were busy designing, programming and then hosting this new EFG Outlook microsite. It’s reassuring to read how much our client got right in their 2018 predictions and we believe our digital designs and their predictions for 2019 will be on target and hopefully of interest to our readers.

This year’s Outlook followed the same structure as our previous concept for 2018, with a new lead creative utilising the brand hexagons, based on a pair of binoculars, suggesting future predictions.

Starting with a review of last year’s outcomes, before proceeding with predictions for the financial markets in 2019, the single scrolling page reveals content, icons and financial charts as the reader scrolls down.

This single scrolling page with dynamic reveals and parallax photography creates an immediate and engaging way of slicing up and presenting extensive content with its key data graphs and charts, balanced against rich photography and playful icons. Now we just have to wait until 2020 to see if they’ve got it nearly all right again this year.

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