Make your mistakes on paper: why we start our brand process with messaging

It’s a phrase our property clients will know well – make your mistakes on paper. The prevailing wisdom being: if you think architect’s drawings are expensive, wait until you’ve built something without them.

But we think it’s a wisdom that can be applied much more broadly. Your identity – the colours, shapes, images, and typography that you use – are all about visual communication. Saying something, without saying anything at all. Conveying meaning without words. But to us, that doesn’t mean words don’t matter. Quite the opposite.

Messaging mood-board for Croydon’s CR campaign:

For us, it’s as simple as this: if you don’t even know what you want to say, how can you go about communicating it visually?

That’s why – before we embark on the highly subjective and nuanced process of communicating something visually – we like to start with words, answering key questions like:

The copy you end up with – which we call your narrative – will form a solid base for everything else you write in the future. But that’s not the only reason we do it. The reason we start our branding process by looking at your narrative is because the process will shine a light on the challenges your brand faces and inspire early ideas about the next stage in the journey.

Messaging mood-board for “The many sides of Bankside” concept:

Whether you call it your narrative, your story, or your positioning statement doesn’t really matter to us. As long as we’re all talking about the same thing – that little bridge between strategy and creative. The little bit of copy that takes a commercial objective and turns it into something else entirely, injecting emotion and purpose, and transforming it into a story. Something that can move people – no matter how you communicate it.

Put simply, your messaging and your tone of voice are cornerstones of your brand. Working with our clients to establish these early on brings focus and direction to our branding process and helps us deliver a solution that hits the mark, and communicates with the intended audience.

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