Making a difference

If you are an avid reader of our enews you will have seen many a piece about our work for the Croydon Business Improvement District (BID). As an elected body, the time has come for the businesses of Croydon to decide if they want to vote yes for the BID and we’ve been on hand to help ensure they know why they should!

The original core message that won us the original contract “all change! Croydon” has been evolved for this renewal campaign. Following our group workshop the BID agreed to re-position themselves to be “at the heart of change”. It has become increasingly obvious to levy payers, and the local community, that these coming years will be a time of turbulent transformation for Croydon, with intense development throughout the city centre. This provides the backdrop and motivation to ensure the BID can be recognised as the eyes, ears and voice for businesses in Croydon. The BID will help them navigate through the change and will continue to make a difference to the lives of everyone who lives, works and visits Croydon.

We were tasked with coming up with a concept that underpined the entire campaign and generated support material that would help communicate the good work the BID has already done for Croydon and encourage the levy paying businesses to vote yes to ensure they could continue ‘making a difference’. The renewal proposal document (pictured below) was the perfect tool to showcase to the levy payers exactly what has been achieved by the BID during their 2nd 5 year term and highlight why the BID should continue their hard work for business and the Croydon community in 2017 and beyond. This was further supported by an update to the promotional video, produced by Freshly Made Films, that features much of the design work that we have produced over the last five years.




Croydon BID have five pledges that encompass the core benefits that the BID bring to the town centre. Each pledge has its own double page spread in the brochure that communicates all of the key statistics and is backed up with dramatic new photography by Matt Livey which we commissioned and art directed. This investment is already paying off as the photography is being used across all mediums including a website refresh of the BID banner imagery.

“It was great to commission original photography for the BID and it really did communicate what Croydon would miss in their absence. We specifically wanted to enhance the perception of Croydon with strong, dramatic photography which we felt we achieved.”Kevin Cox, Creative Director.

We have also produced a condensed version of the proposal document as a pocket guide which will be used as a leave behind at events leading up to the ballot.pocket guide

We were excited to be invited to the Croydon BID Renewal Launch on 15th September and see the materials we had designed and their impact first hand. It was held at The View in The Whitgift Shopping Centre and all the feedback was positive, pointing to the distinct possibility of another 5 year term for the BID.



“tothepoint considered our needs, aims and objectives and carefully planned a fresh new look across all platforms for our renewal proposal. Through this process it has been imperative to draw upon the foundations of our great working relationship with tothepoint which allows us to work closely together to deliver appropriate solutions for the BID’s aims and objectives. With all our supplier tenders, the development of a positive relationship where we work together is high on my list when it comes to awarding a contract. tothepoint deliver on all fronts.” Matthew Sims, Croydon BID CEO.