March round up

Drum-roll please

We’re thrilled to announce we are ranked no.1 in the UK for our financial performance, in the top 15 in the peer poll and just outside the top 30 in the client recommendations! The Drum research report reviews the UK design industry, showing growth in the design sector. Agencies are ranked based on financial performance, client satisfaction and peer recommendation, the results are categorised by staff size. We would like to thank The Drum, our clients and peers for their support[/intro]

Box Park Croydon

If you’re sporting a rugged beard, ride a fixed gear bike or sport a pair of dark rimmed specs then you’ll already be aware of (and visit regularly) Box Park in Shoreditch. But what you may not know is that there are grand plans to bring Box Park to Croydon. Gavin Elliott is the designer behind the alternative mall, which will sit just outside East Croydon Station. This is good news for our friends at Croydon Bid who we are working with to help communicate how they are helping to transform Croydon into a more vibrant and buzzing place.
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A T-what now?


Here at TTP we love a bit of nostalgia, so when our design team stumbled across a short video remembering design pre-computers, it became quite the talking point. The phrase ‘In my day….’ was used, people looked baffled and Simon gave the team a brief history of design with his T-Square as a prop – for the younger readers a T Square is a technical drawing instrument used to draw straight lines. Take a look yourself here and see if you can stir up some fond or not so fond memories.

Challenge Charlie: 3 Peaks

Challenge Charlie is back! The lads of Oxted Hockey Club will soon be taking on the gruelling endurance event that is the 3 peaks challenge, but not in the balmy Summer months-too easy. They’re undertaking the challenge in a few weeks while the peaks are still snow capped!! Here at TTP we have lent a designers helping hand with the logo, t-shirt design and website. The funds raised will help to build a much needed clubhouse for the club, the funds are also being shared with the RNLI. If you would like to show your support here is the just giving page. To find out more about Challenge Charlie visit the main site here.

It’s The Climb

This month our studio manager Will, embarked on a quest to conquer one of London’s iconic structures, the 02 Arena. Here are a few little fact-lets he picked up; the 02 is exactly 365 meters in circumference representing the days of the year, the dome is at a height of 52 meters representing the weeks of the year along with 12 spires on the roof for the 12 months of the year. Interesting huh? And it hasn’t stopped him singing Miley Cyrus ‘The Climb’ ever since.

Winchester Geese


London is full of little secrets and our home of Borough is no different. Nestled just off Redcross way is the Crossbones park, a post medieval burial ground for Winchester Geese’ (otherwise known as ahem “ladies of the night”). Now the space is being re-developed by Bankside Open Spaces Trust who are turning the site into a garden for all to enjoy. If you would like to support this wonderful project then you can donate here. If you would like to find out more about the history of the area then you can read ‘The Southwark Mysteries’ by local author John Constable who was inspired by the spirit of a Winchester Goose!

April Fools

Don’t worry we have not played any tricks on you….. There have been a few flying round the office, from icons swapped round and giant cursors on screen. Some people take April fools seriously take a look at a few of these crazy pranks.