March Round Up

The shape of things to come

So we’ve been busy over the last couple of months. So busy we didn’t even manage to get our Feb e-news out. We know you must have been devastated but the short month didn’t help us either. Aside from being busy with regular work from our great clients, achieving new wins in a new sector – Healthcare (we are now working with NICE and a leading Pharmaceutical Organisation – watch this space for updates), we have been putting the finishing touches to our office refurb. The new reception desk, with on brand ‘Hi.’ to welcome all visitors to our SE1 studio, was installed last week and our new hi-tech meeting room should be finished this week. We’ll give you a virtual tour in our next e-news but for now, admire the glory of our mix of corian and reclaimed scaffold boards that make up this bespoke piece of office furniture. And if you’d like to see it in the flesh we’d love to see you here and show you our ideas about the shape of things to come…

A Berlin Story

Our creative director Kevin recently visited Berlin as part of a pact, hatched up with his wife, to visit one major city of cultural and creative influence each year. After being wowed by Barcelona and Copenhagen next on the list was Berlin.

Unlike the previous two cities, Berlin is a powerful mix of extremes. On the one hand, there are the reflective symbols of the consequences of the war including the iconic Daniel Libeskind Jewish Museum with its powerful experiential area, the Jewish memorial and the remnants of the Berlin wall that divided the city after the war. On the other hand, there’s the creative, liberal-minded, anti-establishment and capitalist culture that still attracts young artists, designers and musicians to the city in droves.

One of Kevin’s personal ‘to do’ lists was to visit the Hansa music studios where David Bowie created the influential ‘Low’ and ‘Heroes’ albums in collaboration with Brian Eno and Tony Visconti in the late 70’s. He played these vinyl records constantly on his Sony record system to the annoyance of his Tony Christi loving parents.

On a day to day level, the creativity of the city and its personality are expressed through a vibrant graffiti culture which is as powerful as its numerous art galleries and museum island which is located in the central Mitte district of the city. Unlike a lot of creative cities, you still feel Berlin has an edge to it even though some of the old, historic previously squatted buildings are now becoming gentrified and attracting investment. You get a sense the city is fundamentally driven by its people and attitude, which considering what it has gone through over the last 70 years is only to be expected.

The people of Berlin were sharp, witty, streetwise, cool, open minded and didn’t suffer fools gladly, just like the City itself.

A dam good time

To finish off the month of March, one of our designers, Joe, crossed the waters to the lovely Amsterdam

Joe was lucky enough to be visiting the Netherlands capital whilst one of the greatest contemporary art interpreters, and a master of Pop Art, Roy Lichtenstein was exhibiting his ‘Lasting Influence‘ alongside Banksy’s ‘Laugh Now‘ permanent exhibition at the Moco Museum.

The exhibit will be on display until 23rd May 2018.