March Round Up

Creating a networking brand for the Lloyd’s Register Foundation

The latest project we have worked on for the Lloyd’s Register Foundation was launched on the last day of March so we thought we’d give you a sneaky peak here in our roundup. It’s the naming and branding for their new network for individuals from around the world who have been supported through LRF’s funding to complete a qualification, apprenticeship, scholarship or other work.

The network needed a more engaging name than the client’s working title to help convey the brand’s purpose on a global platform. We undertook a naming exercise and explored multiple approaches but the clear winner for all was ‘NEST’. The name conveys safety and belonging whilst also being an acronym, standing for the more literal definition and appropriate descriptor: Network to Engineer a Safer Tomorrow.

After the naming exercise we designed their new logo which is comprised of a series of interconnecting paths to create a simple nest, and reflect the networking aspect of the initiative. We are currently working on a welcome brochure and mini guidelines for logo usage, the colour palette and font choice.

These are all the beginnings of a wider body of work that we will produce for Lloyd’s Register Foundation NEST, so we’ll share more on what we deliver for this exciting new brand next month.

Cancer in 2020 and beyond – a report for the ABPI

We have been commissioned to design another insightful report for the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry: Cancer in 2020 and beyond – Cross-sector insights into improving outcomes for cancer patients. The ABPI have interviewed representatives of the UK cancer community – from the NHS, academia, industry and patient-facing charities – to review the findings of the Institute of Health Economics (IHE) report, explore the impact of COVID-19 and identify opportunities for improving the care for those affected by the disease in the UK.

The report details the findings from the interview process and we have brought this important research to life with infographics and iconography to support the findings and recommendations that, if implemented, could make an important contribution to delivering better outcomes for cancer patients, improving survival as well as enhancing quality of life. Text and graphics are further enhanced by powerful quotes that are highlighted throughout the document. One such example is from Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Now, who said: “When it comes to research and development, we’re good at the ‘R’ but not at the ‘D’ in the UK and a large part of the reason for that is due to workforce and funding restraints. The Government needs to have ambition to improve cancer outcomes through the implementation of research innovations.”

You can read the full report and more about ABPI here.

We are working on other reports and materials for the APBI that highlight that we must move on from COVID and ensure focus is brought back to the many other areas of healthcare that need research, innovation and support.


fika live stream from Ronnie Scott’s

Our PM Sam ticked off a big one on his bucket list last week, playing one of his ‘fika’ tracks ‘make you feel’ as part of the Jackson Mathod live streaming set on the main stage at Ronnie Scott’s. It’s a big step away from being a PM at tothepoint and a step in the right direction for getting their music out there. You can hear more of fika’s music on Spotify here.