March Round Up

Fika Sketches Album Drop

Sit back, relax, make a cup of tea and listen to some chill sounds from fika. One of our own, Sam Hutton, has just released a limited edition vinyl LP called “Sketches” with his band fika.

TTP designer, Adam Welton, came up with a stylish design, mashing together the 9 artworks from their singles that make up the album. They’re only doing a limited run of 300 copies and it is available to buy now at

They’ve been No 1 on Spotify’s Chill Vibes for the last few weeks with ‘Make you feel‘ and you can listen to fika’s other great tracks in all the usual places, at Their ‘chill vibes for isolation‘ playlist on Spotify is also worth a listen. So #ttptryit.

It seems their style of music is becoming even more popular by the day with this article in Campaign Creative Fix talking about the spike in ‘chill’ music. It’s really helping us to relax in these strange times.  Read the article here.

tothepoint… your friendly, go to, Coronavirus resource

We are all aware that we are living in times where we are overusing the word ‘unprecedented’, coupled with the huge challenges that are being faced by us all on a global scale. Which is why now, more than ever, it is important to find alternative ways to stay connected with one another. 

We thought it would be good to shift the focus for a moment, lighten the mood and think of opportunities that these daily obstacles place on us, with the view to having fun, helping lift the spirits and providing some potential ‘tongue in cheek’ solutions to the daily challenges of isolation.

Here is a selection of the things that the team at tothepoint came up with, and are now using, to combat some of the issues, so why not have a go, #ttptryit, you might like it.

Have an online natter over a virtual garden fence

Try a video chat and have a virtual dinner date with your friends and family. It has its benefits – if anyone becomes annoying, you can just blame a bad internet connection. And let Simon know if you’d like to join us for virtual drinks on Fridays and we’ll send you an invite!

Sit down with a brew and a biscuit or 3 and enjoy being read to by David Williams.

If you’re not a professional children’s entertainer and need some tips…

Don’t make me angry…you won’t like me when I’m angry

Use this spare time to become a little more calm and zen, download a meditation app like Calm:, Headspace

Get down! You downward dog

Join our MD and his regular yoga posse, or find your own session to help make those achy joints a wee bit more flexible or to find your Chakra. Book one of the many virtual sessions that are available through either Flo or Jasmine. Both great teachers who have made the transition from their live classes to virtual yoga during the COVID-19 pandemic. You know you want to.

But if you are old school and prefer the original and best, for a classic 80’s iconic Jane Fonda workout, go to:

If we’re too late… it’s 5pm and you’ve already cracked open the Prosecco

As a last resort try the medium of karaoke.

Predicting the Corona Virus

Amazing to think that Bill Gates warned us about what is happening to us now in a TED talk back in 2015 – is this a prediction of the Corona Virus? We and most Governments missed the wake-up call. Jaw-dropping and fact-checked as best we could but worth a listen. Link here

Last ride to London

Read our MD’s post on LinkedIn following his last cycle ride to central London on Saturday. See and read about what he observed plus his ideas for keeping London’s big Parks open. We do need to keep these large open spaces open but managed and the rules of social ‘physical’ distancing followed. Link here:

Keep safe and well!