May Roundup

Through the Keyhole

Sadly this festival has come to an end, but if you enjoy independent art exhibitions and you happen to also enjoy snooping around someone else’s house, then the Dulwich Festival Artist Open House is a win win and you should diarise it for next year. Click here for the open house website. This year our friend Carl Ison has been showing off his wares.

Carl creates 3D box frame installations that can tell a multitude of stories from the nostalgic to the narrative of today, through his photography, typography, graphic awareness and content created or supplied.

You can still see Carl’s work on his site

photo 5

Design Industry Election

The big news of the month (perhaps the year if you discount Kim Kardashian giving birth to a compass) was the general election. So now we’ve had our new government for a few weeks, what does it mean on a specific level for us as an agency and the design community in general? Check out this informative article, it will arm you with a few cheeky factlets to whip out at the pub and wow your audience. You can thank us later. See the article in Design Week.

The Template Trap

Templates, especially Word and PowerPoint, can get a bit of a bad rap for stifling creativity and creating generic design, but it’s not all bad. Most design briefs still require bespoke design with creativity, however day-to-day internal pieces can be enhanced, cleaned-up and made easier to use with simple templates. They can be designed to reflect your brand, so that consistency can be maintained from top to bottom.

To find out about some of the Word and PowerPoint templates we’ve been creating for property to financial clients and beyond just get in touch.


Borley vs Bracknell


The scene is set, the runners ready, the course is pristine. Just the starting gun and 13.1 miles separate 1,000 hopefuls from a shot at immortality. Little did the other athletes know that our very own Charlie Borley was lurking quietly confident behind the start line, with a trance like expression over her face. In the end there was blood (not so much) sweat and tears (from the other runners) as Charlie breezed across the finish line. The event was sponsored by The Pancreatic Cancer Research Group who are conducting research to help reduce the damage pancreatic cancer is causing. Visit

Tough Mudder


We’d heard about it on the grape vine, we’d seen the odd promotional email, but now our glorious leader Mr Simon Hutton has paid for the privilege to watch his son Tom partake. A sunny day in Henley and a full cooked breakfast (hate those partially cooked ones) at ‘Bills’ set him up for the challenge of watching the devotees take part in this half marathon, crossed with an muddy assault course, hybrid. All survived unscathed, but it’s not a challenge any of us are rushing to tackle… just yet!! Team building anyone?

Tour de Croydon


Tomorrow will see the cycling elite descend upon Croydon. The unique Pearl Izumi Tour Series is coming into its seventh round and the competition is heating up. The South London Borough is making its series debut, hosting both the men’s and women’s events. So if you are a cycling nut then this is the event for you! We know our friends at Croydon BID will be getting excited! Maybe you will see us down there, cheering on Bradley Wiggins and co!