McCoys – Fully Flavoured

Our new full-flavour website for McCoy’s Crisps has now launched! It’s the second of our websites for KP Snacks and you can check it out at

On hitting the homepage, you might be forgiven for thinking ‘what the snack’ has this got to do with crisps?! Working with McCoy’s ad agency WCRS, we implemented a social aggregation tool to enable them to feed key content from their various social feeds; Twitter, Facebook….etc. This helps to keep the homepage content fresh and ever changing, but more importantly keeps content in-line with the launch of McCoy’s new campaign which is all about the FLAVOUR. In short, a snappy homepage reflecting the noise created by WCRS’s ‘above-the-line’ activities.

And it really is all about the FLAVOUR. Keen to move on from being portrayed as the crisp of choice for the UK’s pub culture, the new direction for McCoy’s is about the vibrant taste and flavours. So with that in mind, as with our website for KP Nuts, colour is key and especially so with the new drive behind McCoy’s.



If you’ve seen our website for KP Nuts, the layout may look familiar. That’s down to our WordPress multi-site approach, keeping things consistent across the KP Snacks range, as well as economising on the technology behind the build. Content is managed by the KP Snacks teams.
Anyway enough of the technical stuff, flavour is calling and we are off for a packet of salt and malt vinegar!