Monster feast: consumer campaigns to boost return to Croydon.

Livening up Croydon’s rooftops with a monster campaign

If you happened to be in Croydon town centre recently you might have caught a glimpse of giant monsters towering over the rooftops – a monster invasion? No, it was the latest in a series of campaigns being run by Croydon BID to encourage visitors back into the town centre. Challenged to ‘look up if you dare! and find these impressive beasts, visitors were encouraged to stay for a while to shop, eat and drink and then share images on social media. The fact that the BID was running a meal deal campaign at the same time was the added bonus to help increase footfall.

From footage and pictures taken by the BID team on their phones we produced this quick promo animation to post on their social media pages of the first monster being installed.

As part of our ongoing work for Croydon BID and the Croydon Treat Out Campaign, we have been helping with a few quick fire promotional campaigns for the area. This latest one, a great teaser for halloween, was to promote this amazing set of inflatable installations. The BID, working with Designs in Air, brought eight giant monsters to the rooftops of Croydon.

The gigantic street art monsters appeared across the town centre at eight locations, creating a trail like never before seen in Croydon. The tallest monster reached a staggering 7.5m in height.

We created the campaign logo (above) to reflect the monster inflatables, and designed a set of social media templates (below) and lamp post wraps to raise awareness of the campaign. These featured imagery supplied by Designs in Air from previous events but nothing could capture actually seeing these inflatables come to life as they move in the wind… and even more impressive was their illumination at night.

The monsters have now returned to their home (or other locations), but Glenn Foster took some amazing pictures, shown below, and you can see more of his great work on his instagram page here.

Encouraging consumer footfall with a Fortnight Feast campaign

As part of our ongoing work for Croydon BID and in keeping with the ‘Pop out pop in’ campaign we also created for them, we were asked to look at helping them promote their ‘fortnight feast’ £10 meal deal, to help increase footfall.

As with ‘pop out pop in’ this campaign was intended to help encourage Croydon residents to ‘pop out’, eat out and share a meal with friends, in order to help the hospitality sector during these difficult economic times.

As with our previous campaign, we used wordplay as an idea to help promote the food offerings that included, pizza, pasta, burgers, indian, thai, etc. To give added incentive during ‘fortnight feast’, participating venues were offering £10 meal deals between 20th Sept to 3rd Oct.

Once we refined the text and created the graphics, these were then promoted via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts by Croydon BID . The graphics were also printed as bollard wraps and as large format hanging banners that were installed around the town to build awareness of the campaign. This campaign worked really well with the draw of the Monster invasion. You can read more about the Monsters on the Croydon BID news post here.