Music Collaborations – fika

As some of you will know our account manager Sam is now pursuing a music career. During the lockdown, he wrote and produced some great music as fika with music partner Al Wreaves (View on Spotify). We’ve been helping them with branding and some of their graphics including their latest EP, Coffee & Clouds, which got airplay on Radio 1 last week!

fika’s latest collaboration is with a group of talented artists including Bambie Ray Robinson and producer Christian Fabich. The culmination of this work is the EP Coffee & Clouds, which has just been released in digital and vinyl formats, available to order here for delivery in Feb 2022. The release features the concept photography of fika and Bambie, and the design of graphics for social media posting and the record cover are by Adam Welton of tothepoint, who also designed the fika identity.

This is a radical departure from their first album Sketches which was a culmination of early releases and evolved music. Each track when released featured a different but highly stylised sketch illustration that was all supplied by their college friend Charlie Taylor. Having been so productive during lockdown this body of work became the album, and clearly, the title had to be ‘Sketches’.

This collaborative work is a refreshing change from some of our more corporate work, developing ideas with like-minded creatives who can push and break boundaries, not only visually but also in their music. This was a fun project and we hope to do more as their audience expands following the airplay on Radio 1’s Jack Saunders show. We wish them well with this first release through Tru Thoughts.