NEST: name origination and branding for The Lloyd’s Register Foundation

The latest project we have worked on for the Lloyd’s Register Foundation was launched on the last day of March, which involved the naming and branding for their new network for individuals from around the world who have been supported through LRF’s funding to complete a qualification, apprenticeship, scholarship or other work.

The network needed a more engaging name than the client’s working title to help convey the brand’s purpose on a global platform. We undertook a naming exercise and explored multiple approaches, but the clear winner for all was ‘NEST’. The name conveys safety and belonging whilst also being an acronym, standing for the more literal definition and appropriate descriptor: Network to Engineer a Safer Tomorrow.

After the naming exercise, we explored various options for a logo which captured the essence of the network, some of which can be seen below. We ended up going with a simple illustrated nest which is comprised of a series of interconnecting paths to reflect the networking aspect of the initiative.

Having created a name and logo, the next step was to produce mini brand guidelines for logo usage, the colour palette and font choice. It was important to establish the basics of the brand for the initial launch, but there is certainly scope to scale up the branding and develop more comprehensive guidelines as the brand grows.


Equipped with the building blocks of the brand, we were able to design the network’s first piece of collateral – a ‘welcome’ pdf to communicate the NEST’s mission and value proposition, and to encourage those who are eligible to join. The design of the PDF took inspiration from the LRF challenges campaign brand we created a couple of years ago, by incorporating the challenge icon colours with the interconnecting paths of the logo. By adding some colour and impactful graphics, we were able to make an informative document more engaging and visually stimulating, whilst also expressing the sense of professionalism and leadership that LRF wanted to convey.

The initial launch portal to their site is now live where you can find out more: