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CES pit
Gadget fans were in tech heaven earlier this month as the annual CES show unveiled the latest round of gadgets and innovations headed our way this year. Although most attendees seem to think this was the best show yet – showing innovations that will change our life across the board, others were less convinced. And when you see some of the ideas on offer you can start to see why. For instance, a helmet that tells you how hard you were punched!? However, many will consider the ability to 3D-print your own chocolate bars does make all this worth while.
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Have you heard about Dangerdust?

An anonymous duo at Ohio’s Columbus College of Art and Design have been working undercover of darkness to transform their college chalk boards into inspirational works of art. Known only as Dangerdust, the pair have been using the unusual canvas as an escape from their class assignments since September last year. Since then their work has exploded onto the digital scene, if you look at only one thing this month, make it this!

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Help, my fridge is full of spam!
The long talked about ‘internet of things’ could finally start to become a reality this year with more connected devices coming onto the market than ever before. We’re used to our phones and computers being permanently connected to the world and more ‘smart’ TVs are now joining the party. Other items such as fridges (that can re-order milk for you before you even knew you’d run low) washing machines and other household goods are becoming internet enabled too – it’s a brave new world! However there are downsides to this internet-centric future, as The Guardian recently noted. Internet connected fridges were discovered to be sending out huge quantities of spam and phishing emails over Christmas – and not just fridges, but all manner of other devices too…
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Tiny appetites

“Who hasn’t dreamt of driving through chocolate mousse? Or skiing down a slope of Chantilly cream?” Minimiam is the ingenious work of Akiko Ida and Pierre Lavelle, two French photographers who have been playfully pairing model train figurines with pastries, fruits, vegetables and other foods for several years. Don’t be fooled though, the figurines often take on more serious issues such as global warming whilst they ice skate in pastry dishes.

iWonder what the BBC will do next

Good old Auntie Beeb, a national treasure. So when they pull out something new we can’t help but talk about it, and iWonder; the new digital learning platform, is no exception. The platform combines archived and original content to unlock the learning potential of all BBC content. iWonder kicks off with a set of guides about World War One, which coincides with the start of its WW1 programme series.

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Fireworks at night are so 2013 

Black Ceremony is the work of artist Cai Guo-Qiang, his love of exploring gunpowder in his drawings eventually developed into the outstanding explosive displays that have become his signature. It’s just a little something to brighten your day (excuse the pun).

Remember when Facebook was cool? 
There’s long been a rumour that whilst Facebook still boasts millions of active users (and is by far the most widely used social network) there’s been a steady decline of teenagers using the service. According to most recent studies, this is definitely a concern, with a huge drop in users early 2013. This drop-off levelled out somewhat later in the year, but the trend is still downwards with ‘young people’ moving to more focussed messaging services such as Snapchat.
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A little encouragement…

It might be a little late in the day for this, but we believe in you! You can keep that healthy eating New Year’s resolution! To help you along the way here are 22 simple ways to start eating healthier. If you’re like us and have gone too far past the resolution to turn back now, never mind, it’s the thought that counts.

Where we’re going we don’t need roads

My friends, we are one step closer to Hover Boards, as a team of three Japanese engineers have unveiled an ambitious device that uses sound waves to move objects through three dimensional space. Not only is that an incredible scientific breakthrough, but “the dream” could be a year ahead of schedule.

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