New Year, New Capital

We’ve been working with EFG Asset Management (EFGAM) for a number of years now and across a variety of projects, from their monthly and quarterly thought leadership publications to stationery and presentation materials. So when EFGAM approached us to create a new logo and website for its newly launched New Capital Funds division, we couldn’t wait to get started.


New Capital focuses on high conviction investments and requires a deeper understanding of targeted, rather than speculative, investment, with this insight at the core of its business. It was essential that the identity reflected the strong research, data analysis and insight that inform the selection of each investment, and which sets this fund apart.

The identity reflects the data charts that will often be used within their research; this coupled with the core of the C being picked out subtly suggests that their research is at the core of their investments.

The identity is reflected in the infographics used across the brand, and the colour palette is also taken directly from it. The team was also keen to look towards Invest Plus, the quarterly magazine we produce for EFG Asset Management, for inspiration when it came to the look and feel of New Capital. Strong typography, pullouts of key data and images of the fund managers overlaid with dynamic cityscapes, have been developed to give New Capital its strong visual appearance.

This was then carried through to the website, where the fund managers feature prominently, helping to position New Capital as experts in the field. We worked closely in collaboration with EFG’s incumbent web development company ‘Embrace’ in order to create wireframes for all required templates (bearing in mind the strong look we wanted to achieve and also keeping mobile users in mind).

During the course of the branding and website process, various pieces of print work have also been produced for the brand, including business cards, agenda card and wrap for Citywire, an investment specific publication. It’s been an exciting project to work on, and we hope to be able to show you more work for New Capital soon.

You can see the new website here: