New year new look

SeaBird Exploration is a global market leader in 2D seismic data services, providing valuable data to the oil and gas industry. The company also specialises in the niche 3D and shallow water market, so working with them is certainly an eye opener for us.

After working on the annual report, and subsequent quarterly reports, with SeaBird Exploration last year, we were very happy when they invited us back to help evolve the designs. Both ourselves and the team at SeaBird were keen to maintain the core elements from the previous reports but apply them with a fresh look and feel.

Prior to the report, we worked with SeaBird to commission two photographers to shoot company employees at work, equipment and vessels across two locations for use in the report. We were on hand to advise on the style of photography and to brief and liaise with the photographers, right up to the delivery of the final images.

With such great photography at our disposal imagery really was the king in the front section of this report, and offers a glimpse into various aspects of life at SeaBird. The mix of black and white and colour photography helps to add interest and dynamism throughout the document.

The bold yellow is now used more confidently throughout the report and the cyan is now used to pick out headings. The square device has also been updated to a subtle keyline or a transparent coloured block, both of which hold key information.

The report has now been distributed and work on the first quarter 2014 report is under way, no rest for the wicked!

You can view the full report online here