November Round Up

Putin them in the picture

We’ve created an engaging animated video to communicate the technology Bureau van Dijk has developed to help businesses avoid working with sanctioned or sanctioned by extension companies and therefore avoid fines.

Our client Bureau van Dijk (BVD) came to us with a request for an animation to promote their Orbis database – the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies. Animations are usually a simple task but this was a new and complex arena for us – and a very interesting one.

The example case study they showed us was based on the identification, and sanctioning by OFAC, of 12 Russian nationals who allegedly interfered in the last US election. Their Orbis database helped to identify 1,300 companies that were sanctioned by extension through their ownership links to the sanctioned Russian nationals. These companies do not appear on any sanctions lists but could still be fined for trading with them. 

The storyboard and animation were produced by our designer Adam and delivered within a tight timeframe. It is now doing the rounds on social media and on their website here.

Brexit. The only thing we can say with certainty is that there is no certainty. 

Kevin our creative director and our account handler Kira recently attended an Asset Management conference hosted by one of our financial partners, and client, JPES Partners. (P.S. We designed and built their website). The network event included discussions regarding how pensions have been managed post the financial crash and pre Brexit and the impact that both have had on the financial markets and pension fund managers.

The highlight of the evening was the wit and Brexit observations of the highly respected political columnist and broadcaster Matthew Parris. His Brexit review and conclusions were both damning of the government, enlightening on the Conservative Westminster machine and the unhealthy split within it, whilst at the same time being funny and philosophical.

His key thought for the day was “In the chaos that is Brexit, the one and only thing that political journalists can say with absolute certainty is that no one knows what is going to happen.”

However, his analogy, that all the options we are faced with regarding Brexit when followed to their natural conclusion lead to a dead end, was sobering.

It will be interesting to see how future generations will look back on this period in history. Maybe they’ll make a film about it: ‘The madness of King Cameron’ and ‘Brick Wall Street’ spring to mind.

Our 2019 calendars are finished! Have you signed up for yours?

Not only have we generated 2D graphics for our 2019 calendar, but we have also created a series of animations to support our ideas for a happy life. Here is a preview of our video that brings all 13 of them to life.

You’ll see that this year’s calendar is full of bright colours and beautiful illustrations which will brighten up any desk it is placed on. The calendar has allowed us to express our personality and creativity in print form and digitally, showcasing our love and passion for all types of design.
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And our new tothepoint shop is now live!

We’ve had so much fun designing our new calendar and posters that we thought we’d share our ideas on Redbubble. You can buy your own posters, cushions, tote-bags, clocks, etc … go mad! Take a look at our ideas for a happy life.

And in the spirit of Christmas, we’ve uploaded our Christmas card idea as well. So take a sneak peak and maybe get a little bit of tothepoint this Christmas. See our Christmas themed items.