Our branding and campaign created for Croydon Pride

We took great pride in being asked to get involved in creating highly visible and impactful Pride branding, banner graphics, posters, placards and social media posts to help promote Croydon BID’s sponsorship and involvement with Croydon PrideFest

Held at Wandle Park on July 16th, Croydon PrideFest provides a platform for every part of Croydon’s LGBT+ community to be visible, to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and campaign for freedoms that will allow Croydon’s LGBT+ community to lead genuinely equal lives in the borough.

The aim is to promote equality and diversity and to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender.

The Croydon BID logo was adapted by us to promote Pride, utilising the Rainbow, representing the 6 pride colours and we utilised the pink taken from the Croydon BID pledge colour palette as an accent colour for all the deliverables as it perfectly reflected the bright, energetic colourful nature of the event.

Simple and effective crowd barrier covers demonstrated Croydon BID’s support for Croydon PrideFest and helped promote and cement their relationship with the event. These were particularly visible at the main event in Wandle Park.

The main event catered for the many different diverse needs of the audience and included:

We were delighted to see the return of Croydon PrideFest which means so much to so many across the borough. It is a celebration in the very sense of the word, and we were quite literally bursting with pride to support the event. As a main partner, it was important for us to represent Croydon BID and our brand with the overall event. Our work with tothepoint certainly supported this, alongside widespread recognition for what is a super event for the community. Matt Simms, the Chief Executive of Croydon BID