Our first video for Lloyd’s Register and Posidonia

This year Lloyd’s Register (LR) took centre stage at one of the world’s most prestigious shipping events, Posidonia, held in Athens, Greece. After the hiatus brought on by the pandemic, LR had been eager to welcome back the international maritime community and create an ever-lasting impact through their stand at the expo.

With the focus on educating visitors on their transition journey to sustainable shipping, LR worked with us to create a set of digital materials that helped tell that narrative on screen and with visually striking banners.

What did we produce for them?

Part of the stand’s design, which was brilliantly designed and built by the team at We Are Collider, was a large LED screen that dominated the back wall and cleverly took advantage of LR’s new brand look and feel, with its simplified L and R cutout letterforms. The refreshed logo represents a window into the customer’s world and allows fragments of the images and colours behind it to show through. This emphasises LR’s connection with the content in the image and the industry that it supports and guides. We were tasked to create a brand video to capitalise on this new look and tell the LR story. The video needed to have impactful and engaging imagery and the story needed to be communicated in a clear and concise manner.

The first challenge was distilling what the key messages needed to be to cater to the different teams and audiences. With a lot of visitors casually passing by, we had a short amount of time to grab their attention. The use of the new text-block panels to pick out keywords and statements was an ideal solution to show short snippets of top-level messaging. Working with our copywriter, Rupert Bradshaw, tothepoint and LR were able to create a script that was modular and covered all the necessary key messages in a logical order. You could dip in at any point and pick up some interesting facts but it also read as a story, crafted to a length that kept the viewer’s attention if they did want to watch the whole thing.

Once the script was approved, and utilising LR’s new brand toolkit, we set out to storyboard, edit and animate a brand video that would be impactful on the stand and bring this new L and R feature to life. In close collaboration with LR and We Are Collider, we were able to plan for the clever use of a large LED screen that extended behind the stand panels to sit behind the LR cut letter aperture. This part of the screen created a really dynamic motion within the logo. The concept was also flexible enough to have the image from the main screen moving through it or repeated, and even a colour treatment added, so that the crops of videos were not limited by the wider hidden elements of the screen.

This version for the stand was so successful and widely liked, that we were asked to create various other formats that could be used on social media with sound and for other devices, including a 16:9 version for web use and even a super-wide version for a large LED screen at the main reception of the expo.


Cascading from the rafters were an impressive set of lightboxes that created drama on the stand and an impressive stand-out for visitors walking around the event – drawing people onto the stand. We were asked to find images that would sit well with the video, were visually appealing, and also accurate to LR’s story and industry sector.

To find out more about how we plan, design, and create animations in more detail, read our animation process presentation.

If you’re interested in other animated movies and explainer videos that we’ve created you can see these listed on our tothepoint Vimeo channel. Or even better, to find out more simply get in touch with us.