Patient Hub

Adaptive Apps approached us for help with their logo, branding and website for their new product, Patient Hub. Patient Hub is an app designed to allow healthcare professionals to work in a way that’s familiar to them, whilst also bringing patient tracking systems used in primary care into the 21st century.enews-hero-patienthub-2

The brand needed careful positioning to appeal to both the healthcare professionals using the systems and the companies who will purchase it. It also needed to take into consideration ease of application of the identity across web, apps and print – so nothing too complex for a mobile screen. We chose to use blue and green, often seen in this sector, for the core brand colours, creating a fresh look whilst also giving the new brand a familiar medical feel.


The cross, made of arrows, also reflects the medical nature of the app but suggests the connectivity and interaction which is the core purpose and benefit. The cross and strapline: ‘connected care’ are used across digital and print with complementary information graphics.

The website’s primary purpose is to showcase the app and all its features. The challenge was to get across all of the functionality without overwhelming the reader. We worked closely with a copywriter to create the right tone of voice and clear messages. This is supported by visuals to showcase how Patient Hub is optimised for Windows, Android and iOS and is compatible with a broad range of devices.

The team at Adaptive Apps built a native app for each platform, allowing users to work on their preferred device, in a way that is familiar to them. The app also allows the user access to patient information with or without an internet connection.





The fully responsive website is based on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, built into a bespoke WordPress theme. With simple icons and navigation at the top level there are links to more technical detail for those that really want to get to grips with the inner workings of the app.

It’s been a pleasure working with the team at Adaptive Apps. To have a look at the site clickhere.