Personal Space

The workplace for many of us can seem like second home, but more importantly it’s the physical space of your company and your brand. Whether an identity has recently been created or it’s well established, why does its branding tend to stop at the usual reception desk, website or brochure?

With 20 years working closely with many companies we know that a brand should span every touch-point, whether it’s taking your number from your business card, getting directions from your website or stepping into your workspace for the first time. People should feel connected to your brand.


From an internal perspective, a branded workspace helps boost moral. After all, creating a stimulating and engaging environment is only going to have a positive effect on how people engage with their company and the work they do.


soldiers detail

However, don’t be mistaken, adding personality to your workspace does take more than a motivational poster but that’s not to say it has to be a mammoth task or pull on resources. As with any branded material you produce you need to set your goals, your timeframe and your budget and go from there.

Working with an experienced design team will ensure you not only reach your goals, but they will also help guide you through the process as you go. With many of our clients we not only provide creative but also organise site visits to measure up, ensure health and safety is adhered to and installation is managed with as little hassle to daily working life as possible.


Our creative work has spanned from large format graphics covering two floors, to equally large wooden letterpress walls; and right down to the smaller details like branded glass H&S manifestations and wayfinding. Our breadth of clients, from those pioneering the change in Britain’s transport systems, to teams providing printed press to the masses and even social media champions, proves that we really can get to the crux of your brand and deliver a space that echoes your values and engages your staff and clients.

The images above are all items we’ve designed and produced for our clients, so why not take a look at some more of our workplace environments here.