Preparation for Return2Play: A case study

Having created their identity, when our friends over at Return2Play (R2P) came back to us and asked us to refresh their website, we were ready and eager to demonstrate our digital skills.

R2P is an innovative company working with young people, coaches, teachers, doctors and parents to safely transition players from injury back to the pitch, field, court or playground through their ground-breaking injury management software. Over the past 18 months, they’ve invested in their software, opening it up from being concussion management to a multi-injury management tool. As part of this growth, they needed to update their website to reflect not only their increased offering but also their maturity as a company.

User journey and content strategy

It’s been a great process with the team at R2P, beginning with a full site and brand audit. We identified how the team could better promote the company, through clearer sign-posting, use of colour and imagery, and better copywriting.

We then worked to devise wireframes to demonstrate how the user journey through the site would work, focusing the team’s feedback without the distraction of design elements. This enabled us to define where the priority content would sit, and how the user would reach that content, as well as how we would encourage users to journey through the site and engage with the wealth of information, videos and case studies that R2P is creating.

Applying the brand

Once the wireframes were agreed by the whole R2P team, we were able to do the fun bit: the site design. Using the wireframes as a basis, we added colour, a typographical hierarchy, photography and imagery styles and a wide variety of content types to give R2P a site that not only looks good but is also future-proofed for them to add content as the company grows, maximising the investment in their site redesign.

After a number of iterations of design tweaks and feedback, we were in a position to build.

A flexible content management solution

We built the site based on the WordPress content management system, but with some powerful bespoke extensions. The use of editable content blocks, for example, gave the client the ability to create their own page layouts without having to stick to a predefined format.

This provides the R2P team with maximum flexibility to add or remove content types as they see fit. A fully customisable page system with minimum fuss.

A helping hand

Once we’d completed the build, we ran a handover and training session with Harry and Michelle to teach them how to add their content, and what to do if they wanted to add new pages in future. The handover and training session marked the start of a testing period in which they entered their content, flagging any issues and asking any questions. This allowed them to really learn the system in place and for us to respond to snags or amends.

The team (both here at ttp and at R2P) are proud of what we’ve created together, and it has truly been a collaborative effort in creating a site that works for a small but rapidly growing business. As Harry Black, Relationship Manager at R2P and the lead client-side on the website succinctly said:

“As a young and rapidly developing company, it was becoming very difficult to keep our old website up to date with our latest developments. tothepoint have brilliantly created a new website that not only looks great, but has a malleable framework which enables us to easily and quickly update content, add new pages and generally ensure that our website reflects our company growth. The team were brilliant throughout the website build, providing support and assistance whenever we needed it – a pleasure to work with.”


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