August round up

In it to win it


We mentioned the up and coming Charlie Hutton Hockey Festival on 5th September in our last enews, with its raffle and silent auction of epic proportions. Any fans of U2, Arsenal, Chelsea & Spurs, World Cup Rugby, Raymond Weil watches, Polo or a short break to Cornwall should certainly take a look at what’s on offer here and email a bid to before 6pm on 4th September. You can also see the raffle prizes on the same link and can purchase tickets at the event or email As in past years, all proceeds will be going to the RNLI.

Ferrolic Fluid Digital Wizardy


We do like to get out from time to time researching various innovative techniques. When it comes to display graphics and digital installations, there’s a lot of fun technology out there. We haven’t seen anything quite as amazing as Ferrolic’s fluid digital clocks in a long time.

Using ferric fluid in a glass frame, set on top of an array of ‘magnetic pixels’, this absolutely stunning display perfectly marries digital graphics with natural movement. The project is in early development stage, but we can’t wait to see what they do with it next.

End of days for Adobe Flash

Once the ‘saviour of the internet’ and now looking more like the dusty old TV in your Grandma’s living room, Adobe Flash has been ‘on the way out’ for quite some time. It now appears that its days are truly numbered. Google’s Chrome Browser will officially start ‘pausing’ flash content in September, forcing viewers to activate the content manually. Firefox has also started to block the flash plugin over security concerns and Amazon has banned flash advertising from its online ad platform see the story here.

So aside from the odd desktop app or game here and there, it seems that Flash’s Goose is finally cooked.

Don’t panic though. If you REALLY need to keep your dusty flash content online there are ways and means of converting it. Or a certain design agency could reboot your web offering with SEO friendly, engaging HTML5 content, proving that rich media online is more alive than ever before.


Heart Skipped a Beat


Ahead of the London Design Festival French artist Charles Pétillon has created a wonderful spectacle in the Covent Garden Market Building. The installation is called Heartbeat, 100,000 giant white balloons stretching over 52 meters gently pulse with a white light. The beating heart symbolises the history, energy and dynamism of Covent Garden. The installation runs until 27th September so still plenty of time to check it out, but make sure you go when it’s a little darker as Katie (one of our Account Managers) tells us it’s much more spectacular.

The Oné and Only


You may remember our branding work with Echo Brand Design back in 2013 for New Zealand start up Concept Cube. Well their initial project of producing New Zealand’s first 100% Blue Agave Tequila has been a resounding success. Renamed by the creative team as ONÉ, the packaging has won a gold award in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. What makes it even better is we have our very own bottle of this limited edition production run to sample! We would offer to share but it’s only 1 of 450 and… well we don’t want to.

Looking Forward

LDF-2014-1002x669 (1)

September has arrived, so here are a few design related things to look out for, courtesy of our friends over at Design Week. Also September will see Better Bankside host a Design Festival to celebrate all the creative agencies in the area with some studios opening up and taking guests! To find out more take a look here.