Rounding up July

Big news!

We’ve recently started working with accountancy and payroll giants Sage in partnership with Tetris and JLL. In light of their recent brand evolution they’ve asked us to enhance and bring more of their brand personality to their working environment, starting with their Newcastle HQ.


The team at Sage are bringing the SME companies they work with, and the lifestyle aspect of their brand to the fore, so expect to see some exciting things from us over the coming months as the ideas bubble away! We’ve been immersing ourselves in their culture and their summit in New Orleans this week has been a great place to pick up some business tips ourselves. Opening talks with Deepak Chopra and Colin Powell were inspirational. If you can’t wait to see what we come up with for their working environment, then head over to our website (here) to see some of the ways we’ve added personality to the offices of some of our other clients.

Thames Clippers


This month we’ve been continuing our work with MBNA Thames Clippers (see our previous work here), this time tackling their signage to simplify the information, evaluate the brand messaging and implement the new TFL Oyster system.

The new signage also needs to offer a cohesive solution from the docks to the ships (Clippers if you want to get technical) that lets people know where they can tap in and out, or use their travel cards on the MBNA Thames Clipper service. We’ve already done a few trips and supplied a report of our findings so things are underway. Working with Thames Clippers has reminded us that the river is such a nice way to travel, especially on a sunny day!

Hockey Festival raffle

Every year Whitgift School host the Charlie Hutton Hockey Festival in remembrance of Simon and Gill’s son Charlie, and to help raise money for the RNLI. It’s not your average hockey festival, with a glittering raffle, a scrumptious hog roast and, our personal favourite, Old Boys vs. All Stars (some fit dads and a few England Celebs!).

Each year the raffle prizes get more epic and this year is no exception. There is also going to be a silent bid (Sh!). We are waiting to confirm details of two of the items but Sam Hutton is offering a 1 hour set at your party or an event in or around the M25 (to hear Sam’s music click here).

More details on this and the raffle prizes to be won will soon be posted on the CHHF website here. The winners of the raffle and silent bid will be announced at the Hockey Festival prize giving.

If you’d like to donate a prize, buy raffle tickets or put in a silent bid then please email or call Simon (

This year the festival is on 5th September, starting at 10am with prizes announced at the end of the day, usually around 5pm.

Lady Bird exhibition

If you are feeling like a taste of nostalgia with a literary twist then the Lady Bird exhibition may be for you. Many of us still remember the brilliant illustrations bringing the stories to life and now the work of freelance illustrators responsible is on show for the world, and our younger team members to see/reminisce. The public program runs until mid September, so there’s plenty of time to head down to the House of Illustration, check out the details here.


Slide to decide

Of course, we can’t do an enews without mentioning the current exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, just a stones throw from TTP HQ. Carsten Holler: ‘Decision’ is the artists largest UK survey show to date, and it’s more than just the slides you can see from the riverside.

Holler tries to turn our world upside-down and see the world from a new perspective, whether it is soaring above the traffic or on a pair of roaming robotic beds…! Our Account Manager Charlie paid the show a visit and gave it a pretty solid thumbs up, so we’re all going to heed her advice to experience it ourselves and you should too! Full details here.

Decision slide



The combination of modern technology and materials nearly as old as time can often yield spectacular results. New York Studio Breakfast has created a screen for fashion brand Forever 21. However this screen has a bit of a twist, it uses over 6,000 spools of thread and over 200,000 moving parts to display Instagram pictures on the Forever 21 feed. The results are a wonder to behold.To have a look at it in action click here.

This reminds us of some work we had commissioned recently for a client using flip dots to display images, information or whatever you want really. The dots can even mirror someones actions in realtime using a camera. Take a look at some of the tests we conducted here (and yes it was as fun as it looks)! If you need us we will be trying to do the Thriller dance in front of the flip dots.