SeaBird Annual Report 2018

We like challenges but getting a Report & Accounts to look as good when produced by an in-house team in Word as it does when professionally designed in Indesign is no easy task. However, we are now in our second year of helping SeaBird Exploration with theirs.

Having designed the report for many years using the Adobe suite, SeaBird was looking for a way to make the process quicker and more cost effective. They still wanted us to provide a fresh contemporary design for the Report, that they could then implement using our bespoke Word templates. As well as the main Report for 2018, their 2019 Quarterly Reports also take on this new look for the year ahead. This year we focussed on refreshing the design and pushing the use of photographic rich imagery with contemporary iconography and typography, to help create an informative and dynamic report. The finished Word Reports look great, so this two-stage process has worked and saved them time and money. You can check them out on their website here.

To help them achieve this professional looking publication in Word does mean a bit of extra investment at the outset. Our designers understand the limitations of Word (and there are still limitations) so they can create designs that can transfer easily. Once these are approved, our programming team create templates that really help the user, in both Word and Excel with embedded fonts and colours, to retain the integrity of the design. The user will need a higher level of knowledge for the more complex layouts you see in this work for SeaBird but we provide onsite training for the template if required.

With these designed templates, the user can now focus on the content, finer details and the usual level of changes required up to the last minute deadline. We must admit, we don’t miss that bit! If you’d like to know more about how we can bring good design to Word, Excel and PowerPoint then do give us a call.