September roundup

This month we have an eclectic mix of stories. Christmas (yes we’ve slipped in the C word) tree pruning, political pins to save us from Trump and snow dogs dotted through Brighton. That’s not all, we’ve also been putting together a presentation tool for our friends at ISBA and have just put the finishing touches to the RELX group’s latest report.


Here at TTP there are many among us that are environmentally minded so it was a pleasure, and rather interesting, to work with RELX Group on their paper about the state of water research. Water is a very hot topic at the moment in the science and environmental community so we jumped at the chance to work on a project like this. It probably goes without saying that a paper of this nature would be very data heavy, and we had the task of visualising the data in a way that was not only visually pleasing but also accessible. The challenge, as usual in these cases, was to ensure we understood the complex messages and communicated them so that a wider audience understood their relevance. The client was pleased with the result and we are pleased wth our new found knowledge. We hope to continue to work with RELX on future enlightening projects.

RELX double page spread RELX double page spread

Pins won’t save the world

Even across the pond we haven’t been able to avoid the Trump/Clinton battle, especially with the first President’s debate this month. It’s a scary time thinking of the possible outcome of the impending election. Sagmeister & Walsh, along with a collection of other talented illustrators have launched ‘Pins Won’t Save the World’. This very collectable range of badges is aimed at young voters to protest against Donald Trump, for Hilary and “promote love, tolerance and kindness”. If you agree with Jessica Walsh and think “we can’t stand by and let a racist, misogynistic, homophobic man become president of the United States,” head over to Pins Won’t Save the World and grab yourself a badge or three and wear them with pride!

Sagmeister & Walsh Trump pins

Every tree deserves a Christmas

Over the past few years our designer Lizzie has been spending many a weekend, and often weeks, pruning Christmas trees up in Scotland. This year the trees are FINALLY ready to fly the nest and make their way into people’s homes. ‘Character Christmas Trees’ is about accepting each tree as it comes. Our insider at this worthy venture had this to say:

“Not only do we sell the traditional ‘size 10’ tree with its straight sides and even spread, but we also sell the more characterful trees too. From trees with two tips, allowing for two stars or angels to be on top (hopefully preventing the annual fight for who gets to do it) to trees with flat areas to place presents on the actual tree. These trees are normally mulched by other companies as they are not the ‘Kate Moss’ of the Christmas tree world, but at Character Christmas Trees we believe that EVERY TREE DESERVES A CHRISTMAS. Not only do we home the typically unwanted trees, but our fields are also home to red squirrels. We are working with Red Squirrel Forests (RSF) to help protect the natural habitat of the Red Squirrel and help them thrive. From each tree purchased we donate £1.50 to the cause.” So find out more and order yourself up a tree, or two, at and give a tree a Christmas!

Quality control

Tree close up

Workforce pruning

You can see the quality control experts hard at work and the rest of the workforce pruning some of our smaller trees.

Snow Dogs

As a resident of Brighton, our creative director participated in the Snow Dog trail that took place in his fair city at the weekend. 45 large dog installations, based on Raymond Briggs  ‘The Snowman and The Snowdog” animation, were peppered across the city as part of a public art trail. Each dog was decorated by a separate artist in collaboration with ‘Wild in Art’ and sponsored by local companies to raise money for Martlets Hospice.

Hurry up as they are only on display until the 27th November across Brighton & Hove and there is also a token Snowdog at London’s Victoria Station. At the end of this period the sculptures will be auctioned to raise funds for Martlets Hospice with the sculptures going to the highest bider.


Snow dog Snow dog 2


As part of our on going marketing collateral for our friends at ISBA, this month we have been helping bring to life their Membership Value Statement pack with a document which captures the benefits of joining and their annual activities. For consistency we applied the same design principles we’d already developed on previous materials and enhanced this with bold typography and iconography to highlight ISBA’s key achievements over the past 12 months.ISBA template