Showcasing life at JAGS through video

We’ve had the pleasure of working with JAGS (James Allen’s Girls’ School) over the last year to produce a suite of story-telling video content. Video was initially introduced for their virtual open days and, due to their success, they are now a core part of the school’s marketing. The latest videos bring to life some of the key school staff, its ethos of excellence, they welcome potential parents and students, include student activities and interviews, and the recruitment video showcases much of what the school has to offer.

JAGS required a portfolio of films that not only showcased a high quality of editing and cinematography, but really embodied the ethos and culture of JAGS staff and students, and captured the excellent facilities. They’ve been teaching for over 270 years as London’s first independent girls’ school and came to us with the challenge of representing that history whilst looking forward to the future.

Whether it’s the exciting displays in a science class, or developing music and design skills in practical lessons, we covered an extensive array of different subjects from different perspectives at the school. Aimed at multiple target audiences such as prospective new students, parents/guardians, and also potential staff members – the suite of content is designed to immerse viewers in the atmosphere of the school and answer any questions they may have about life at JAGS from a variety of viewpoints.

With the help of Tom Farmery and his team at The Film Farmers, we achieved a more cinematic feel to this year’s production.

Watch the full student film and message from the head here
Watch the full recruitment film here

New branded video assets

With consistent branded elements and with key insights drawn from interviews on-site with staff and students, we created not only full-length videos but animated motion graphics that would introduce staff members and the video series.

Drawn from newly developed brand guidelines, this creative stage brings consistency and brand recognition to any content representing JAGS. Motion graphics also needed to represent the tone and styling of JAGS brand ethos, and tothepoint brought together our expertise in both messaging and animation to achieve this, working closely with the client to ensure their vision and identity were fully represented.

Drone footage

Immersive video fly-throughs are becoming a staple of virtual tours of schools and similar industries. What was once considered ‘Hollywood-level’ cinematic feature quality with high production values, has now become a mainstream technique, all through the use of high-quality camera drones.

We used drones to produce this version of a walk-through of the JAGS facilities, classrooms, and more. The result is an immersive preview of what it’s like to be there in person for any prospective visitors. It’s worth a watch below!

JAGS is delighted with the stunning portfolio of films that TTP has produced for us which show great understanding of our school and its ethos. It was a pleasure to work with Joe and the film crew who created bold, high-quality films to tight turnaround whilst accommodating many last-minute changes. Jo Denham – Head of Marketing & Communications