Statistically great design

We have an impressive 15+ year history with the CIPR, and have been involved in many aspects of the company, from the branding for their annual awards and the first ever PR centric trade show, to the promotion of their services and day-to-day brand guardianship.

Their State Of The Profession document is an annual discussion on the changes within PR over the last year, and what this means for the many practitioners – both members of the CIPR and non-members, and is the talk of the PR town as you can see.

We were tasked with taking the report and adding the distinctive CIPR branding, which offers clean, strong layouts with burst of blue and the forward slash, signifying the forward thinking nature of the organisation.

We also took the core statistics and transformed them into works of infographic art, engaging the public in the more contrasting or influential data that the survey presented. Icons are a growing aspect of the CIPR brand, so these are used heavily in the infographics, maintaining the cyan colour palette to create a synergy between the different graphics.

The report has been published online and has been promoted using a single page of infographics across Twitter and the blogosphere.

Infographics are something we’re seeing as a real trend at the moment (there’s an exhibition on at the British Library for anyone who’s a bit of a data nut!), and proves that the traditional chart is no longer the only way to communicate your findings.

What many people don’t realise is that an infographic is simply a creative representation of information, and could use iconography, imagery and colour to visualise data in a way that grabs the attention of readers. They can come in all sorts of forms; from the artistic maps of paths most commonly travelled in the big apple to this slightly more data focussed look at the NFL.