Summer Snippets

A Cut Above the Rest

Simon visited the Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern this month as one of over 200 Better Bankside levy payers, and it was always going to be something of a highlight. Watching films of Henri Matisse at work with colour and form demonstrated the gulf between being artistic and a true pioneering artist. We often say to young designers that true artists work for themselves and for self-expression, while designers help clients express their vision for their brand. However, more and more these days we see the inextricable link between art and design, where the work we do is often elevated by incorporating art into the creative expression of a brand. The show is a must see, so many thanks Better Bankside for the invite.

A Viral Lesson

The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is a viral campaign that has been unmissable since it began on July 29th clogging up everyone’s newsfeeds – Even Simon’s gotten involved. Although pouring ice cold water over yourself isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the campaign has so far raised £50 million for the ALS Association with 1.7 million contributors. Making it not only a success but also a lesson on this contagious form of campaign. See Linkedin’s marketing lessons

Digital Indulgence

Some of us here at TTP recently visited The Barbican to see their ‘Digital Revolution’ 3 areas of pure digital indulgence. You’re taken on a nostaligc journey through time and a showcase of classic machines, games and software from the past 40 years. Once through here you get to the digital extravaganzas and the projects the past paved the way for, from Hollywood special effects to innovative use of online media. Just when you think you’re near the end, you turn another corner to be dazzled by something you didn’t expect. Fancy turning into a digital crow or seeing a giant godlike effigy of Will.I.Am complete with clockwork orchestra? Then this is for you.

Bring Back Neon

This month we’ve created a neon sign for one of our clients, suggesting that ‘Italian’s tweet better’. One of a few neon signs we’re working on at the moment, it seems the retro style is coming back. Forming one of many design pieces created to add a personal touch to their office spaces around the globe. Amongst tuts of disapproval from other offices, the illuminated sign has brought discussion as to who does tweet better. Do you think #italianstweetbetter and if not who does?Italians Tweet Better


As part of our ongoing work with News UK we had a walk around the new News UK building (that’s a tongue twister) ‘The Place’, and were blown away by their conversion of still photography into animated, stop motion imagery. It’s called parallax and uses a little Photoshop wizardry with some After Effects skills to bring photos to life as slow motion shots. Examples of parallax shown here have inspired us to get cracking and test it with some of our clients. Contact James or Simon for more info.

Snoopers Paradise

If you’re prone to a little curtain twitching, then we recommend getting yourself to one of Open House’s 750 open houses available to nosey around for free on 20th-21st September. With highlights such as restored Churches, award winning sustainable houses, an eco-village, London Underground HQ and even number 10 Downing Street, the event aims to promote public awareness and appreciation of the capital’s building design and London architecture. An event not to be missed.2014OH

Rand Re-issued

Originally released in 1947, Paul Rand’s ‘Thoughts on Design‘ is finally being reissued. This is great news as used copies were changing hands for just under £170 on Amazon. Rand is widely recognised as one of the major influences in the history of graphic design. Written at the height of his career, and with a new foreword by design luminary Michael Bierut, this book is as relevant today as it was when first published. This classic treatise is an indispensable addition to the library of every designer, including us here at TTP.Thoughts on Design - Paul Rand

The Tower of London Remembers

As you might be aware by now here at ttp our weekly runs in aid of Challenge Charlie take us along the banks of the Thames. As part of the route we’re witness to the Tower of London’s moat progressively filling with Paul Cummins’ ceramic poppies. By Nov 11th 16 acres will be filled with 888,246 poppies, representing every soldier that gave their life in WW1. The sheer scale of this project creates a powerful reminder of the tragedy. Each handmade poppy has been sculpted by artists, and you can see how they’re made here.

House of Vans

The tunnels under London Waterloo station have been transformed by Van’s and are now open to the public. The newly launched multi purpose venue has an indoor skate park, 850-capacity music venue, a 160-seat cinema and a gallery, as well as two bars and a café. This concept is tried and tested in Brooklyn and Van’s have brought it to London, working with the local community and stakeholders to cement its place on the London scene. It’s free for all and open Wednesday to Sunday. For details, see here.House of Vans

Talking Statues

The clever people at Sing London have brought some warmth to some of London and Manchester’s stone hearted residents. Scanning a QR code or typing in a web address sees the user receiving a call from one of the 25 statues across both cities (no app necessary for once!). So if looking popular in public places is your thing then this is right up your alley. The phone call has been recorded by voice actors and celebrities alike to give a whole new dimension to some of Britain’s famous monuments. The project is running for a year so there is plenty of time to check out all 50! For more information see here.