Tackling a new brand

This month the studio has been gripped by Rugby-mania, but not just because of the World Cup (or the thought of winning a tenner in the sweepstake). Recently we’ve teamed up with entrepreneurs Return2Play, who are making big strides to help clubs and schools effectively manage a player’s return to play following concussion on the pitch.

Concussion management has been a hot topic amongst contact sports recently. Claims that the number of injuries are increasing, along with more awareness on the effects of concussion and the risks to players if it is poorly managed, have rightly brought concussion to the attention of the press.

The Rugby Football Union have updated their regulations, which now includes mandatory rest, a return to play plan and sign off from a doctor before being allowed back on the pitch.
To help guide people, the team at Return2Play have created a concussion management system. It is initially being offered to schools and clubs and will allow parents, schools/clubs and doctors to track the child’s progress through the return to play process. It will also link them with a sport-friendly doctor who has undertaken special training on the subject and is able to assess and sign off the child at the end of the process.

The brand needed to appeal to schools, parents, doctors and clubs, and also take into consideration its application across web, apps and print. With this inmind we chose to use the bold orange for the core brand colour, which then appears across the website, stationery and guidelines to give the materials a fresh and modern feel.
The heartbeat reflects the medical nature of the app but also suggests measurement and forward progression. The circle and heartbeat have been adapted to introduce a series of simple icons that will be used across digital and print to reflect the brand and help break up the information into clearly defined areas. The aim is to build on this visual language.


As the brand will be focused on digital platforms we opted to create a responsive logo, which features a full logo and a shortened version to be used when space is limited.

The website and video were built by the team at Idea Group but we were on hand to act as brand guardians and supply the little touches that helped to link all of the new materials together. Social media will be handled by Smarter Reach but twitter is currently being managed by the inhouse team at R2P.

The brand and website,, will be launched into the world shortly, so watch this space but you can already follow them on twitter @return2play.

And despite busy schedules and lots of tweeting they still had this to say about us:

“Simon and his team have been a delight to work with. They immediately demonstrated that they grasped our concept and shared our values such that we had total confidence in them. As a start up, R2P was dealing with many business critical projects each competing for attention. TTP’s professionalism and expertise sets the benchmark for a partner to deliver the right result on time, within budget and accommodate changes without drama.” Dr Sam Barke, Medical Director and Co-Founder, Return2Play