The In Crowd

In8 are now a series of eight publications used by EFGAM as a framework for conversations with investors. Before becoming In8 each publication existed in some guise, but were disparate, so the team was keen to bring the publications together in some way.


Initially the thought of not only understanding the complexity of global and regional approaches in the investment discretionary sector, but also turning it into a functional, engaging brand with digestible infographics that stood out from the competition, made our heads spin. But, after plenty of swatting up (and some invaluable help from the EFGAM team) we created a unique and distinctive brand, that kept the information clear and relevant, with a visual tool kit that enabled the team to use a system across all eight In8 publications, both locally and globally.

Through a visual language of graphic devices and infographics the In8 brand moves away from cliché abstract imagery used by competitors to create clear, concise communication pieces, that informs and engages the audience (after all that is at the heart of what we do).


Evolved from the existing EFGAM honeycomb device, we created icons to differentiate the pieces that are used as quick reference points. They sit within the banner to notify the reader which theme the publication represents.


Following on from the investment theme icons, we created new chart styles to represent strategic and tactical information to convey the core investment approach of EFGAM. Using changes in colour and shape we were also able to communicate a large amount of information simply (and stylishly might we add!), to quickly allow the inhouse team and clients to interpret the content and difference in information so that they could evaluate and choose their approach more easily.


The eight publications each required different deliverables ranging from banners for Word documents and InDesign master templates to full implementation of materials. Once the tools were in place it was a case of working with the team to provide everything they would need to easily role the style out in house as and when required. This involved not only the templates themselves, but also guidelines to explain the style and its flexibility. As our client said the system is disciplined by nature, flexible by design.