Transferring knowledge

Here at tothepoint we are always up for learning something new! Last month we learnt about the waterscape through our work with the RELX group. This month we moved onto Industrial Biotechnology. We have a good long standing working relationship with BBSRC and they recommended us to help out their partners at The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN).

We were tasked with the design and production of a brochure surrounding the UK vision for industrial biotechnology as part of the future UK strategy for this key enabling technology. This document is intended to be educational and informative, through the examination of the future of the industry and impact for the UK.

We decided to use a strong iconographic and typographic approach to help readers navigate and digest the information. This made it easier to pull out the key information from fairly technical content using pull quotes and icons to visualise the data.

KTN spreads

Will and the team at tothepoint were fantastic. They were incredibly intuitive and able to very quickly pull out the key messages, highlighting them in an eye catching and impactful way. Yvonne Armitage, Specialist Bioeconomy, KTN

Due to the rush nature of this project we managed the digital print for KTN and were very pleased with the outcome, but most importantly so were they! By all accounts the EFIB conference up in Glasgow was a great success. We look forward to working with Yvonne and the team going forward and there are already some more plans in place so watch this space.