This year our thinking behind the 2019 calendar involved far more than just the calendar, it revolved around ideas to help express who we are and how we work together. We’ve brought these ideas to life in this video and you can read more about the rationale for this work below.

Earlier this year, after our big office tidy up (Simon culling 27 years of print samples and surplus ephemera), we realised that our sparkly refurbished offices could be the start of a journey of change. We’ve been instrumental in helping clients with their brands, mission statements, values, and purpose and are clear on ours. We are ‘tothepoint – we deliver clear and concise communication’ but we felt there was an opportunity to expand on this to help express more of our personality and trait.

To create something that was engaging, inclusive, practical, and fun. Beyond delivering solutions for our clients, the challenge was to define what we have as a business that brings us together and enhances not only what we do but how we feel? By getting the whole team involved, sharing all our ideas in a collaborative process, this engagement led to everyone feeling part of the final outcome. The initial result was a series of six graphic interpretations of words that encapsulated the essence of each idea. These became posters that took pride of place in our office but it didn’t stop there. 

These days nothing should be considered fixed or final – flexibility and the ability to evolve ideas is essential and one of our core strengths – and this approach creates its own buzz and excitement in a creative environment. With this in mind, exploration of our ideas evolved.

There are a plethora of self-help books out there and 12 Rules for Life – the controversial book by Jordan Peterson – was one of the most talked about of 2018. Well, to be honest, we haven’t read many of them but understand why they are so popular. Everyone is looking for ideas and solutions to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

We prefer meeting people, talking about their experiences, and ours, finding common goals, challenging others, and sharing ideas. But the idea of 12 rules for life got us thinking, especially as it was that time of year when we had to get our thinking caps on for our tothepoint 2019 calendar… 

Could we expand our six ideas into a visual journey of what makes us – well – us? It wasn’t too difficult for us to fill the gaps and agree 12 ideas that we all felt said more about us and that we could stand by. But we also liked that these ideas didn’t need to be exclusive to us. With everything you see and read about health and wellbeing, mindfulness, stress, Churchill’s black dog… we believe these simple ideas are practical ways of helping with some of life’s little challenges… they have become our ideas for a happy life.

We’ve had so much fun designing our new calendar and posters that we thought we’d share our ideas in different ways, so have created an online shop using Redbubble. You can buy your own posters, cushions, tote-bags, clocks, etc … go mad!
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