try it you might like it

  • what shall we do today?
  • Give blood
  • Get your fortune told
  • Send a letter to a friend
  • Learn to make bread
  • Grow and eat your own veg
  • Sign up for dance classes
  • Do the Three Peaks Challenge
  • Embrace your inner child and go on a swing or slide in the park
  • Go camping for the weekend
  • Get up 30 minutes earlier all week
  • Star gaze
  • Donate a jacket to the homeless
  • Raise money for charity
  • Make your partner a cup of tea in bed
  • Live without technology for a day
  • Create a dance routine
  • Chase pigeons (double points for catching one)
  • Sign up for an evening class/course
  • Go fishing
  • Take a trip to the seaside
  • Take some friends to bingo
  • Watch a scary movie with the lights off
  • Take a walk at midnight
  • Take the stairs
  • Take a photo every day for a year
  • Smile at a person on the street
  • Treat yourself to a long weekend
  • Jump in a puddle
  • Go to the cinema on your own
  • Call people you would normally email
  • Take up Yoga or Pilates
  • Do a skydive
  • Meditate
  • Throw a party
  • Sign up for a physical challenge
  • Book an immersive theatre experience
  • Write a short story
  • Start to learn a new language
  • Cook something you've never eaten before
  • Ride a rollercoster
  • Learn and perfect a card/magic trick
  • Climb a tree
  • Do a meat or sweet free Monday
  • Quit a bad habit
  • Listen to live music
  • Eat your dinner in the bath
  • Do a park run
  • Buy a drink for the next person in line
  • Clear out your wardrobe
  • Play a practical joke
  • Go to a flower show
  • Learn to kite surf
  • Swim in a river
  • Offer to walk a friends dog
  • Solve a rubix cube
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After the twists, turns and surprises of 2016, we believe that sharing some simple pleasures, or rising to the occasional challenge, will help us all achieve a more rewarding 2017. So why not give our ‘try it’ randomiser a go?

Get together, inspire others, have some fun and dare your friends or colleagues. We suggest you have up to 3 clicks. You don’t have to use them all (you can stop at any time) but you must promise to do the last challenge you’re given!

We’d also love to hear how you get on so send us your pictures using the hashtag #ttptryit and be sure to check our social media and newsletter to see what we’ve tried each month throughout 2017.

If you like a lovely bit of print design, why not check out our 2017 calendar here.