Using photography to help bring impact to the Croydon BID renewal ballot

Croydon BID represents the interests of around 550 organisations, including well-known brands and businesses in the retail, office, leisure, hospitality and public sectors. Governed by legislation, Croydon BID operates for five years, after which they must secure a majority of votes by number and aggregate rateable value to be reinstated. This year marks the final year of their third term, so we have been working closely with Chief Executive, Matt Sims and his team to design materials for the renewal campaign which will hopefully see Croydon BID secure a fourth term in office.

We have been hard at work updating their website which will act as the main platform of information for the renewal ballot, with voters using it as a reference tool so that they and their clients can make an informed decision on whether they wish to support Croydon BID with a yes vote. But perhaps the most important deliverable is their business plan for the next five years. The plan outlines their vision and how they aim to achieve this through their 5 core pledges. It will also communicate with their levy payers the great work that the BID has done – and is still doing – on their behalf during its current term. It is a vital document in helping to secure a yes vote and must, therefore, be engaging, informative and persuasive.

To breathe life into the document and add visual impact, we commissioned a photographer, Matt Livey, to capture powerful and dramatic people-focused imagery which represents each of the five core pledges and provides an insight into what is being proposed as part of the BID’s next five-year plan. These hero shots will introduce each pledge by covering the full width of a spread and utilise short depth of field photography to add a real sense of drama, instantly drawing in the reader’s attention. These images will also be repurposed as website and social media banners to further promote the pledges and bring consistency to all the campaign touchpoints.

Having initially postponed the shoot due to poor weather, we were certainly counting our blessings when we saw the clear skies forecast which would drastically improve the lighting of the shots and bathe Croydon in warmer colours and more dramatic shadows. Our gruelling schedule required Matt and our creative director, Kevin, to photograph 12 scenes in locations dotted around Croydon over 3 days requiring early starts and late finishes – no easy task when you have to lug heavy camera equipment around, especially with the sun beating down on them!

But the images captured speak for themselves – we couldn’t be more thrilled with how they turned out. The next step is to flow these into the business document, which is due to go to print next week, and work them into the web banners which we can’t wait to share with you once we go live. With so much at stake and so much to deliver, the renewal Ballot campaign is always demanding work, but certainly worth the effort to help Croydon BID secure another term so that they may continue to make Croydon a safer, cleaner, more attractive, vibrant and accessible place to be. Watch this space for more updates on what we’re delivering as part of this campaign and beyond for Croydon.

Representing what we do as a business is so incredibly important. Imagery speaks a thousand words and delivers an impression of the sheer value we bring to Croydon town centre. Working with the team at tothepoint, we have encapsulated our breadth of services, projects and initiatives in an eye-catching, engaging and vibrant way that immediately draws the readers eye. Working with the design and photography team, the photography has bought Croydon BID to life as we prepare for our renewal in October 2021. Matthew Sims, Chief Executive, Croydon BID