Visualising AI’s impact on the UK economy

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been all the rave in the world of tech for some time now. This truly revolutionary and disruptive technology is transforming today’s society by impacting virtually every sector of the economy, bringing with it a significant opportunity for UK business, and this has only accelerated since the impact of COVID-19.

The Knowledge Transfer Network, now known as KTN, manage AI for Services, a joint initiative set up with the UKRI to bring together Data and Artificial Intelligence businesses and academics with professionals working in the professional and financial services sectors. KTN exists to connect innovators with new partners and new opportunities beyond their existing thinking – accelerating ambitious ideas into real-world solutions and as a result drive positive change.



This initiative is part of the Industrial Strategy Next Generation Services Challenge programme. Through this challenge, the government is supporting industry and researchers to develop next-generation services that can transform the UK’s services industry. £20 million of funding has been allocated to projects exploring how new technologies could transform the UK accountancy, insurance and legal services industries.

KTN had been working with a client of ours, specialist policy and economic consultancy – London Economics, who had written the new AI for Services 2020 report which provides insight into the state of play of AI and data technologies for these sectors. They introduced us and after some credential presentations, we were commissioned by KTN to design a more engaging and interactive PDF summary report. The report needed to reflect the vast transformation in UK business that AI is set to bring by pulling out key data and visualising it to be accessible amongst a sea of data and statistical heavy text.

With this project being our first connection to the world of AI, we were eager to sink our teeth into something new and experiment with innovative AI technology to produce creative imagery for one of the routes. We enjoyed experimenting with Deep Dream Generator but the imagery was seen as too big a step for the audience of the sectors this document was targeting. We needed to balance the advanced technology with a more conservative approach and we achieved this by combining technical AI diagrams and infographics with city/finance focussed photography to imply that the two are intrinsically linked (see imagery below).

To enhance the AI aspect further we also integrated a fluid, linear graphic device, using the very appropriate KTN corporate colours to represent tech and the smooth flow of data and information. This hi-tech look avoided the clichéd images of robots and machinery and the final result was a bold step on from the usually quite dry reports that present this kind of data and information.

The final PDF was an interactive, online ‘Showcase’ with links to the full report where additional case studies could be accessed via their website.

Daniel Herr, Senior Economic Consultant at London Economics had this to say:

“Thanks again to you and the team at tothepoint for the excellent work. The report launch went really well and we have already received a lot of good feedback on the report and design! Looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

Astrid Ayel, Knowledge Transfer Manager at KTN added:

“Thank you so much for all your hard work on this. It was very easy to work with you, you got what we wanted straight away and you incorporated our brand guidelines very well. You were also very responsive and worked through tight deadlines with no complaints.”

The report was mainly publicised by the KTN on social media and London Economics organised a publication launch event combined with a short release on their website:

You can download the report here.