Warning, contains nuts


Following on from the success of the KP Snacks interiors project we were asked to create websites for their three key brands – KP Nuts, McCoy’s and Hula Hoops. We were more than happy to oblige!

The sites needed to reflect the recognisable branding and individual brand personalities, as well as to showcase the KP Nuts and McCoy’s new pack designs.

As the three sites had similar requirements and content, we recommended a multi-site approach, where we build one main site and then duplicate the structure for the second and third sites but building in flexibility so that the styling can be adapted.

To tie in with the new packaging launch, the KP Nuts website has now gone live, pop over and take a look here.

The site primarily showcases their packs but also gives an insight into the KP Nuts brand story which started back in the 1850s. The site also highlights their work on sustainable farming across the globe and profiles them as the market leaders in nut snacking.


Keep your eyes peeled for McCoy’s and Hula Hoops that will follow in the coming months!