Welcome to the world of Hula Hoops

We have just completed our trilogy of websites for KP Snacks with the launch of their brand new website showcasing the exciting world of Hula Hoops!

As always the brand look is key and in this case, it’s hard to miss with the Hula Hoops vibrant red throughout and a wallpaper of Hoops in the background.

The mischievous ‘fun’ page was implemented to enable key content to be pulled in from their award-winning advertising campaigns, which are usually launched across social media in the form of videos, pictures and boomerang loops.

If you’ve seen our websites for KP Nuts or McCoys, the structure of the sites may look familiar.

That’s down to our WordPress multi-site approach, keeping things consistent across the KP Snacks range, creating a CMS that is easy to use from brand manager to intern, as well as the cost savings that can be achieved with the technology used for the build.

To see the Hula Hoops website in action, click the link below:

Visit the Hula Hoops website