What could your signature do? Charity campaign for Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel believes it can make a positive and long-lasting contribution to society by helping to break down the taboo attached to dying. As well as helping people to plan for, and manage death, they offer a free will service through charity partners to help people leave a legacy to the charity of their choice. We were approached to help Guardian Angel build a charity free wills campaign and promote this service to encourage more people to write their will and consider leaving a gift to charity.

This was a new area for us but we were up for the challenge and excited to work with the organisation on creating an engaging multi-media campaign that would bring its message and platform to new audiences, and hopefully make a real difference to legacy fundraising for many charities.

We started with the words – how could we capture the essence of the service in an engaging headline that would get the audience to want more? We came up with a series of headlines and held a mini workshop with Guardian Angel and our personal favourite was a vote winner:  ‘What could your signature do?’ Short and simple, it set the scene for a series of answers that could build to the fact that a signature could make a real difference – leaving a legacy to a charity by ‘signing’ a will. It also had the potential to be adapted for each charity to reflect their real life stories.

Looking to engage and generate new leads, the promotional campaign would require a suite of materials that would be led by video and adapted across print and social media, with creative copywriting that could be adapted to suit the variety of audiences. All the ideas were presented to 50 charities on a video conference call and then discussed in breakout workshops where a final concept was selected for implementation.

Campaign assets

With a strong background in video and animation, our campaign was centred around a promotional video template that would tell the story of what Guardian Angel offers, but with the flexibility to adapt the script to suit different charities. Our writer, Rupert Bradshaw, worked with the client on crafting a script with a clear brand proposition, appropriate tone of voice and strong call to action that would form the basis of everything that followed.

The idea of the signature, and its importance and significance in the process of writing a will, was more than just a copy line concept. It triggered the visual concept and approach. The signature was just the beginning of a world of possibilities and this led to the visual language of a signature illustration that could flow through the storyboards of the video and interact with the imagery and words – connecting the copy script with powerful visuals in a way that could be adapted for video and stills for the campaign. Even the sign-off reflected this combination of words and imagery – Leave your mark on the world. Leave a gift in your will.

Once the animation and related assets were completed, we were able to create a suite of customised videos and social media templates that could be used by the charity partners that had signed up after the workshop. These could then be adapted and used in their own marketing communications.

“Guardian Angel wanted to create a campaign to help our charity partners effectively promote the free wills service and inspire more people to consider leaving a gift in their will. We work with a range of charities and therefore the creative assets and video needed to be versatile and work for different causes from homelessness to hospices. Working with To The Point, they developed the concept, listened to the feedback from our charity partners and created engaging content that could then be personalised for each charity taking part. Their skills and expertise in animation and creative assets were invaluable for the success of the campaign.” Katie Wimpenny, Partnerships Marketing Manager, Guardian Angel.