What’s in store for investors in 2024 – EFG’s Annual Macro Outlook

Having worked closely with EFG on their end-of-year Outlook reviews for many years – a forward-thinking collection of professional advice packaged in a digital and printed brochure distributed worldwide – we were excited at the prospect of working on the 2024 instalment.

An outlook on the world economy for 2024

Developments in the world economy ranging from AI entering the workplace zeitgeist, to geopolitical turbulence worldwide have meant insights and depicting them effectively have become more important than ever to all businesses as well as investors. As with the previous EFG outlooks, when working with them to bring their themes to life, it is always interesting for us to read both the insights and how close EFG have been the following year when they score themselves on accuracy.

A new photographic route commissioned by EFG and powered by AI

In last year’s Outlook 2023, we focused on an illustrative route concept to depict themes, illustrate changes, and embody the tone of the review. This year EFG wanted to go in a new direction and took advantage of developments in AI-developed imagery and commissioned imagery for us to use. With the advances in technology becoming widely available and flexible this past year, we all felt confident to embrace its use. We found it very useful in being able to represent the core messages and themes quickly and also revise and edit them as the content was finalised.

New Year, new structure

Structurally, we switched things around this year – leading with the Outlook 2024 themes first, and then the ‘How did we do in 2023’ review at the end of the document. This was done with a mind to address feedback that audiences needed to be engaged quicker and that they wanted to get to the new outlook themes as soon as possible. Data driven infographics and key facts are still powerful tools in this years review, and we worked closely with the team at EFG to fully understand and break down complex information so we could portray the themes through simple, clear graphics. Highlights include our world map infographic for theme 1 which presented a global overview of the world economy, and our eye-catching bar chart graphic for theme 2’s productivity gains topic which blends into the colour scheme of the photograph it overlays.

Printing and adapting for New Capital

There was still a demand for print this year across EFGs global office locations, so we designed a custom print version that would still embody the design aesthetics of the digital version. When looking at the two mediums, the format becomes an important consideration as the core elements of photographs, copy, and infographics all have to be adapted in placement and prominence to ensure a smooth and engaging reading experience.

New Capital, an EFG brand we helped rebrand last year, again required their own branded version of the Outlook review. We wanted to up the ante on this years version and make more substantial design changes to really embody the new branding. This included bringing in New Capital colours, typography, graphic elements, and adapting many of the photographic elements.

“As one of our flagship macro documents, the Outlook materials need to have impact and engage our audiences. We are delighted with the year-on-year enhancements that we have worked on with tothepoint and the team” Sonia Irvine, EFG Asset Management (UK) Ltd