Who is Francis Crick?

Having worked with them since 2012, this month we completed a new project for The Francis Crick Institute – an eye-catching concertina that showcases the life story and achievements of Francis Crick himself.

From different promotional campaigns, hoardings to branding some of their interior spaces and creating promotional materials, we’ve always been up for a creative challenge when developing their marketing collateral and our latest project is further evidence of that!

We were asked to design and produce a piece of print that was memorable both in terms of its design and format. It needed to communicate a brief history of Francis Crick himself, his early years, his discoveries, the legacy he left after his death and how that became the original inspiration for the building of the world famous Crick Institute at King’s Cross.

The Crick family provided personal photographs of Francis in his early College years, together with paintings of him later on in life in more informal situations relaxing at home in what became described by his wife Odile as his ‘thinking pose’.

We explored different concepts and formats and in the end the unusual, oversized, concertina piece was created to provide an element of surprise, with hidden reveals that engage the viewer in a tactile and visually rich format.

The leaflet will be distributed across different exhibitions, events and placed throughout The Francis Crick Institute, so if you’re in the area and are curious about finding more about Francis Crick, you can easily pick one up.

The Francis Crick Institute is a biomedical discovery institute dedicated to understanding the fundamental biology underlying health and disease. Discover more and check out their free public exhibitions here.