Words of Wisdom

Christmas is here (in case you hadn’t noticed) in all its merry mulled wine glory, and as spirits rise in Croydon, the Croydon Business Improvement District (BID), in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership, are keen to to remind merry Croydon-ites how to stay safe on a night out and avoid letting Christmas cost them more than they think.

In the last two years the area of Croydon has blossomed thanks to the successful initiatives from Croydon BID, and the Christmas party season is no different with the launch of the recent Wise Up! campaign aimed at keeping the city centre safe and enjoyable for all.

The campaign centres around five core themes to help keep the fun times flowing whilst staying safe and planning ahead. Together with Croydon BID we decided to use bold headlines that reflect the internal monologue we’re all guilty of having (how many times have you uttered the phrase “what’s the worst that can happen?!”), juxtaposed with images that show the negative side of each theme or phrase – A wandering hand in a bag, the wary journey home or the room looking a little fuzzy after leaving your drink out of sight.

SNO_A3_poster2_WEB SNO_A3_poster3_WEB

The poster campaign (which will be in 75 poster sites across Croydon, as well as in pubs and clubs) acts as a quick, sharp wake up call to remember the basics whilst you’re out to ensure the night stays festively fabulous and that you get home safely….whatever time that may be!

So if you’re planning on heading out in Croydon, keep your eyes peeled for our posters and leaflets, but most importantly wise up and stay safe!