A new look Annual Report for Croydon BID

We have been working with Croydon BID for a number of years on projects ranging from improving how Croydon town is perceived by visitors and local residents, to evolving their brand to help communicate more clearly what they do and the services they provide.

Every year, we produce their Annual Report which talks about their activities and successes over the past 12 months and how they spend their funding as a nonprofit organisation. This year we made a conscious decision to move away from making photography the hero of the materials and instead utilise colour, typography, messaging, iconography and statistics to highlight the benefits that they provide to their levy payers and the local community as a whole.

The BID has five core lines of business activity which make up their pledges. These cover; safety, cleaner streets, festivals and events, helping visitors in and around the city and helping local businesses.

Each of these pledges have been attributed their own colour to help clearly identify these activities through all the BID’s corporate communications, including their websites, which we evolved earlier this year. This bold colour palette was used to great effect in this years Report & Accounts and when combined with bold typography, creates a strong, distinctive look and feel.

Iconography was also introduced for the first time to help reinforce these activities and provide a useful navigation tool in simplifying the various messages and information.

We’re really pleased with the way in which the style and look of the Annual Report has been developed by tothepoint. The use of colour and typography enables the key facts and stats to be highlighted clearly, and the iconography, layout and colour enables easy navigation; encouraging you to read the document. It highlights how excellent creative can really transform a corporate document.Natasha Gray, Marketing & Communications Manager at Croydon BID