A new range of snacks promoted online at

This month we have continued our work for KPSnacks by helping with a new product launch on the website we created for KP Nuts.

Having previously produced the websites for Popchips and McCoys, as well as an initial re-design of the KP Nuts website, we have now helped KP Nuts go live with a new set of page templates on its website designed to promote their full range of products online, timed to coincide with the launch of its new ranges; FLAVOUR KRAVERS, SNACK PACKS and NUT-TASTIC.

The KP Nuts landing page has been updated with our familiar animated cluster of ‘hero packs’ along with a carousel featuring the range of packs available. Subsequent pages feature a similar structure of animated lead graphics designed to tie in with the KP Nuts brand creative and packaging.

The dynamic template structure of the new page templates for the website enabled us to keep regular editing of the website as simple as possible. Eye-catching graphic elements with subtle motion can be simply replicated across the website without the need for further development or coding.

This modular structure that we have brought to is similar to the other websites that we have created for KP Snacks and brings consistency across the set whilst maintaining the freedom for each to be uniquely designed and branded.