A new website and a new look for Hula Hoops

As we progress with our digital work for KPSnacks, we have recently started to roll out a fresh new website for Hula Hoops, starting with a landing page to promote their new range; Hula Hoops Puft.

Designed to compliment the new Hula Hoops brand direction, focused on promotional material for Hula Hoops Puft, the new website utilises familiar techniques and methods to that of the other websites tothepoint have created for KP Snacks, such as KP Nuts and Popchips.

Bringing motion to the key elements on the page gives the website depth and ties in with the burst of Hoops featured in the advertising campaigns.

Just a simple landing page to begin with, we will soon be following up with a fully-fledged website showcasing the complete range of Hula Hoops snacks available.  …watch this space.