Helping ABPI communicate the importance of delivering for patients, the NHS and the economy with the VPAG Proposal document.

The report we have just produced for ABPI is the first we have generated that implements the new ABPI brand, which we created back in December of last year. Our new templates utilise new information graphic styling to convey some very important stats and information which needed to be brought to the fore and highlighted as it impacts on government, the NHS and the wider UK economy.

The Voluntary Scheme for Branded Medicines Pricing and Access (VPAS), signed in 2019, was intended to balance NHS expenditure on medicines with the objectives of improving patient access to medicines, supporting future innovation and the UK economy, and granting financial predictability to all parties. This partnership has never been more important – and ABPI believe now is the moment for a fundamentally new and more ambitious settlement that drives the health and wealth of the UK.

A major consideration of our brand refresh was to help ABPI convey the gravitas and esteem in which it is held within the pharma industry as a regulatory body. The new brand has far more authority and impact which is important when communicating serious information to the academic community, government and the NHS trusts.

Equally important was creating a brand and suite of materials that convey ABPI’s innovation, creativity, openness and transparency. It was important that these values followed through into all aspects of ABPI’s brand including reports, social media feeds, website and interiors (see full brand story here).

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ABPI had this to say about the report

This report was central to our most important project this year, as well as being the first to be created in our new branding – so getting it right was essential. Thankfully the team at To The Point pulled out all the stops and helped ensure it was delivered on time and to their usual excellent standards. Jack Neill-Hall, Director of Media and Communications, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry