April Round Up

May the 4th be with you

To celebrate International Star Wars day, big fan and ttp designer Adam has sent our May calendar animation to a galaxy far far away.

Obviously, the animation will get its official preview on May 4th but we thought we’d give you a preview before it hits our social media channels! Hope you enjoy but if you’d like to see our original calendar animations they are still here. And we’ve even got a few calendars left if you didn’t get one – drop us a line and we’ll send you one.

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A stylish video refresh for EFG

Having seen our work for APBI, we were recently asked by our client, EFG Asset Management, to re-envision their Quarterly Market Review videos. The series, which has been running for a number of years now, was previously produced without animation and only using a single camera angle to capture a ‘talking-head’ style video.

The brief was to include animation to emphasize key points throughout the video and to tie the look and feel of the series in with the overall brand work we produce on other EFG projects. We worked with video collaboration platform Sauce who did the filming for the video and will be implementing the new style across the remaining videos.

Using the supplied footage, which we recommended was shot with two different camera angles, we have edited and animated the Q1 video to be used as a style guide for all future videos produced by EFG. Picking out key information, charts and graphs and overlaying them on the video helps the viewer to digest the content more easily. The Idiom ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ is never truer than when you are trying to convey complex information with speech alone.

The result is a much more impactful video that Sauce can now produce with a consistent look and feel that is in line with other EFG marketing materials.

Croydon – A story waiting to be told

Over the last few months we’ve been very busy in Croydon and we are building relationships with other teams in this buzzing community that is going through major change.

We are now working closely with the Whitgift Foundation on their communications strategy and looking at messaging, their brand and various touch points as Croydon continues to head towards major redevelopment. We are looking at how we can help communicate this change and help during the transition with information and graphics that engage and help visitors, businesses and the local community. Potentially some really exciting projects and with some local engagement in Surrey Street market after one of our meetings, we found many businesses want to play an active role in telling people their story and that Croydon is still very much open for business. Watch this space for more information on this work when launched later this year.

Design to finished item, assuring that quality is on point.

Aside from his Star Wars exploits, our designer Adam was dispatched to, yes you’ve guessed it, Croydon and one of our trusted printers – Scanplus, to view the print and production of a design we have been working on for a new client.


We are also working on some MS Office digital templates for them but we still love the touch, feel and smell of high-quality print. Business cards are still very much part of that initial meet and greet when you want to make an impression. Adding a few quality processes can ensure this small memento has gravitas. This is often overlooked by some clients who opt for fast low-cost print solutions. These new cards are being printed with specials so the type is pin sharp, there will be a new soft-touch environmentally friendly laminate to avoid the card ink rubbing off on each other and the logo is also being picked out with a UV varnish. As a finishing touch, the edge of the cards is being hand coloured with their vibrant accent colour. So once delivered, they should make quite an impression.

While at Scanplus, Adam had the tour and these record covers obviously caught his eye – with the rise in popularity of vinyl, the record cover is back and a growing part of their business – they can deliver these from one-off specials to full production runs.