Branding and large format graphics for the Lloyd’s Register Safer World Conference 2022

Having recently created the Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s 10-year anniversary brand mark (see our February enews here) we were asked to create a concept and brand for its Safer World Conference 2022 held at Old Billingsgate, London on the 10/11th May 2022.

The Conference is a free, international two-day hybrid event, bringing together thought leaders from research, academia, business, and government to discuss today’s biggest safety challenges and new approaches needed to create a safer world.

Promoting the new Lloyd’s Register Foundation brand, the conference branding and the 10 year anniversary mark all at the same time

As well as promoting the event, Lloyd’s Register Foundation wanted to take the opportunity to also promote its new brand that we had advised on and its 10-year anniversary mark that we had recently created for them.

Old Billingsgate is a large, sprawling, imposing building that sits on the Thames near London Bridge. It works on two levels, with a distinctive Mezzanine structure that sits above and cuts through the main Grand Hall, where the main stage and partnership stands would be positioned. It was important to Lloyd’s Register Foundation that we created a brand and graphics that drew people inside, led them through the space, and worked on several levels in terms of communication graphics.


Creating a hero graphic that draws people in and sets the tone for the event


It was important that the conference not only had its own distinctive branding but also a hero graphic that drove the conversation and the agreed key themes of the conference.

Creating large format graphics that highlight the impact that Lloyd’s Register Foundation has made over the last 10 years

We created large format graphics in the form of independent, free-standing, stretched canvas frame structures that highlighted the impact LRF has made over the last ten years. These impacts covered 10 core themes which included: safer jobs, promoting diversity, excellent research, social purpose, engineering education, safer technology, safer food, safer oceans, pioneering innovation, and promoting their heritage.


Recycling graphics and materials

A key consideration was to be able to recycle the components as much as possible. All too often with conferences and events, materials are thrown away and discarded afterward. Whatever we generated, we were thinking about their possible alternative usage after the event. The stretched canvas frames, that are key focal points, will be reused and displayed at Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s new headquarters as flexible displays that can be moved around the building and taken to future events. The kappa board graphics that hang from the mezzanine at the event will also be reused in their new premises.

Helping people navigate the unusual split-level space

Providing a simple, clear, easily understood path and navigation system for visitors is always important at events like this, helping to avoid confusion and bottlenecking. We created branded signage that worked around the space to help people get to key locations around the building, whilst building awareness and recognition of the new logo and colour. The main signage consisted of double-sided free-standing kappa board wedge systems. These had the flexibility to be moved around by hand, allowing for any last-minute changes or alterations when new structures needed to be accommodated such as extra seating, TV monitors or Coffee kiosks.

Providing on-screen articulation and representation of the brand and the 10-year anniversary logo

For visitors who may have had little knowledge of Lloyd’s Register Foundation, their new brand identity, and their 10-year anniversary, the short, animated video we created, that played on a loop at the conference, provided a focal point and an instant interpretation of the brand and its anniversary in its most simplistic form.

Providing support material for the event

When attending any large event, it’s important to have materials that help you navigate the space, so you know at any given point where you are and where you need to get to. It’s equally important to know what the itinerary is and what key events have been planned to help you structure your day. Our programme and floor-plan digital pack could be viewed online, and an app was also made available for mobiles to help facilitate this.


Creating social media templates and assets that helped promote the event

In preparation for the conference and to generate interest online, we created a series of social media templates. These enabled Lloyd’s Register Foundation to promote the key speakers and attendees at the event as well as get the brand visible on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Printed Invitations and digital invites

Digital invitations were sent out inviting attendees to the Conference and to a dinner held at OXO Tower SE1 on the first day of the conference. High-quality A5 personalised invitations were also sent out by post to a select few, inviting them to the 10th Anniversary Dinner to be held at Trinity House EC3 on 30th June.

Working in tandem with E1 Productions on additional support items

As the event got closer, we were also asked to generate support items for Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s exhibition manager Lois Honeywill and David Reid, Director of Strategic Communications & Global Engagement. This involved, working with and creating large format graphics for their production company, E1 productions. These items involved concepts and graphics for an interactive Q&A wall, cinema room, and various additional display areas.

We believe that we can engineer a safer world by exerting greater global influence through our communications activities. This paper sets out the Foundation’s communications plan for the next three years, with a focus on strategic communications and building our capability.

Professor Richard Clegg, outgoing CEO of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, explains how much of a difference they are making across the world, through investment and initiatives, to make it safer.