Croydon BID supporting retail, hospitality & leisure in and beyond Croydon

It was a busy year working with Croydon BID in 2021 in the lead up to their successful ballot YES vote. But we didn’t have much time to relax before Matt Sims, their CEO, was in action again after the Plan B announcement by the Government. Urgent action was required to help the retail, hospitality & leisure industry.

With literally a few hours notice and a weekend ahead of us, he was looking to reignite the campaign we’d helped with earlier in the year, (link here), to help the struggling retail, leisure and hospitality sectors.

We quickly came up with a new tagline and a call to action that was then adapted to fit a series of ‘asks’ to the Government.

The campaign materials were again created for various social media channels including twitter and LinkedIn, and templates were supplied to all BIDs with many taking these and supporting the initiative up and down the length of the country.

Within a couple of days this had been reported widely across national, and even international press, and received a positive response from the Government with grants and support proposals put forward and agreed ahead of Christmas.

The voice of Croydon Business Improvement District in how we represent our businesses not just locally but regionally and nationally is of the utmost importance especially in times of challenge. As we look to represent, lobby and change opinion and thus support businesses in their time of need it is important that our partners are agile and flexible to our needs especially when it comes to lobbying campaigns such as the Business Booster campaign and Raise the bar which came before it. Our relationship with To The Point has bought not just the ability to respond quickly to matters that happen instantly in a fast, free flowing news cycle but to support our response with creative application that is both well thought through and impactful. The Business Booster campaign delivered on so many levels creatively, allowing Business Improvement Districts to join a successful national campaign, forcing an issue regionally using a consistent brand and creative that delivers on message all of the time. To The Point delivered on the brief in a matter of days if not hours and demonstrated their skill through the final product. The proof as they say is in the pudding!

Matthew Sims, Chief Executive of Croydon BID